BMW 3 Series Release Date, Price

The BMW series is always classy and with the latest car installations. The 2017 BMW 3 Series is almost out with a number of models under the generation. The developers have gone a notch higher in giving the car a luxurious and classy look. In addition, the performance is better when compared to the previous BMW series. Here are the latest speculations on how the BMW 3 series will look like:

BMW 3 Series Release Date, Price

2017 BMW 3 Series – Modification that will include

The new series has remarkable adjustments that make it look more blocky and bigger. Although it has 182 x 71×56 dimensional size, the new bumpers make it look bigger and luxurious. In addition, the headlights have new shapes and a more focused LED light. For the wheels, the 2017 BMW 3 Series has a 110 wheelbase, which adds up to the styling of the car.


The interior design has taken a more safety improvement compared to the previous series. More compact stereos system with better clarity is part of the improvements. For interior style and fashion, the interior has a chrome finish for most of the interior components.

In addition, the dashboard has Assist systems to increase safety of the car. Collision assists and blind zone signaling are among the systems in the car. For easy navigation, the router systems have advancements to reduce rendering times.

2017 BMW 3 Series – Powerful Engine and Performance

The BMW has a custom of developing a fast and great performing vehicle. This 2017 series will have a turbocharged inline-4, direct injection engine. This is quite powerful with a displacement of 2.0-liter/122, which adds to the driving luxury. With such an engine, you can have a top speed of over 130 mph, which is exclusive to a few luxury cars.

This engine produces over 178 hp with over 197 lb-ft torque of power. In addition, the 8-gear automated transmission adds up to the 2017 BMW 3 Series stability when at high speeds. It is adjustable to rear-wheel drive train, which is more powerful for rough terrains. The engine allows lower fuel consumptions of about 3.7-liter for every a hundred kilometers.

2017 BMW 3 Series – Expected MSRP and Availability

Given the major works in the redesigning of this series, it is likely to be on sale by early 2017. The model is almost out with most of the features that will be in the 2017 series. Although the developers had speculations of a possible launch in 2016 December, it seems not possible.

The change in the engine features and the additional features will definitely reflect on the pricing. Since it is a new series, it will have a higher price before the next series is out. With all these factors in mind, the 2017 BMW 3 Series will sell at not less than $43,000.

In comparison with the previous models, the BMW 3 series 2017 rates much higher. The outlook and the enhancements make it a luxurious, safe and speedy car, a favorite for many. The BMW 3 series is an improvement of the previous series, which had some safety measures missing. In addition, the engine has a higher performance and greater power.

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