BMW 7- Series Specs, Price, Release Date

It is clear that BMW has been at the forefront in designing classy and flawless car models that exceed customer’s expectations. Recently, it announced the imminent unveiling of the 2017 BMW 7- Series in Frankfurt auto show, a move that will absolutely attract potential buyers.

This is due to the improved features, especially on upgraded technology that is expected to be applied to this new car model. Besides, the BMW 7-series is expected to exhibit great performance both in speed and operation.

Additionally, this amazing car brand has adopted great dynamic design both in exterior and interior formations. Some of the evident exterior features include ultra-tensile steels, Aluminium-made light doors; standard wheelbase that boosts its stability and perfect BMW family grille meant to enhance efficient airflow. Actually, the exterior formation makes this BMW model to appear upright and classic in a unique way.

On the other hand, the interior formation is expected to integrate suspension that is light-weight in nature to enhance control and comfort. It’s great resemblance to the sports car will absolutely boost the engine power and performance making it induce competition in the market.

Below is a detailed review of the 2017 BMW 7- Series in relation to what the potential buyers should anticipate:

2017 BMW 7- Series - front

2017 BMW 7- Series – Exterior and Interior Specs

There is a clear indication that the developers of this amazing car model have focused much on the safety control, comfort and overall upgrade of some features. Meanwhile, the car brand still maintains the BMW family corporate identity which makes it appear classy with a formal profile. Some of the notable exterior features include a stylish bumper for proper air intake, LED headlights with a well-designed blunt nose’ which makes the overall front appearance powerful.

Additionally, the ultra-tensile steel with flowing lines makes this 2017 BMW 7- Series a sturdy and stable look. For the wheel arches, the car model is expected to adopt 17-21 inch wheels in relation to their diameter. Besides, with the inclusion of chrome strip and trapezoid bumper, this will help regulate fuel due to controlled exhaust.


When it comes to the interior formation of the 2017 BMW 7- Series, the entire display is captivating. Also, perfectly designed to boost comfort and safety. The steering wheel which is multifunction gives the driver a firm. Strong grip while driving beside having a perfect orientation with the seat. For infotainment, this car model will incorporate a 10-inch screen with the iDrive multimedia system expected to be at the center console.

Besides, the climate control features will contain two handles that will be used to get the best temperature needed within the car. In order to boost comfort, the developers have integrated high-quality leather material for the seats and footrest. Other components introduced include air suspension, efficient navigator, and electronic security system.

2017 BMW 7- Series - front

2017 BMW 7- Series – Engine and Performance

In relation to the engine performance, this great car model will possess a superior powertrain meant to greatly boost its overall functionality. This great car model is expected to have two engine options; a 3.0-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel engine that is bound to possess 265 hp with torque stretching up to 620Nm. The second alternative will be a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 Twin Power engine producing power that peaks at 445 Nm.

Additionally, this all-wheel drive available in 750i for the 2017 BMW 7- Series will have an automatic transmission. Where it can sprint from 0-60 mph in only 4.3 seconds. This is a clear indication that the passengers will have smooth fascinating. Responsive driving experience once the engine is in the motion on the road.

2017 BMW 7- Series - rear

2017 BMW 7- Series – Price and Release Date

Though the official price expected for the 2017 BMW 7- Series has not been released. It is approximated to cost an average price of $92,352. When it comes to the release date, potential buyers should expect this car brand in late 2016.

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