BMW M9 Design, Price

The 2017 BMW M9 will surely be one of those cars you used to dream about in your childhood. There are very few cars in the market in terms of appearance as well as a performance which can beat this wonder car. The 2017 BMW M9 is on its way now and yes you saw that true. There is a great deal of debate going on among car critics whether this is one of the best cars of BMW or not. Anyway, arguments will continue from the perspective of people matters. In the meantime, update yourself with the brief overview of this car before it arrives in the market.

2017 BMW M9 - front

2017 BMW M9 – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

The 2017 M9 is a sports car with seating capacity of two passengers only and the this is not a new thing. You have already had this in its last version. But this time, there is more interior space on it and you can even adjust your seat in many ways to enhance the space. There is a deck attached now which is fitted with music player, mobile charger, etc. Security a and safety features have been taken care of in this version of BMW M9 since they have upgraded the air bags and sensors fitted to assist parking.


This time, the aerodynamics as well as exterior has been designed by an organization called Radion. The entire credit goes to this agency and they have given their best in this. Bonnet section of BMW M9 2017 is abnormally longer which does not affect the appearance at all. Aerodynamics of the car is superb since it is a sports car. Headlights are very stylish and of high-quality LEDs. Grille section has been concentrated mainly on the lower part of the front bumper. Ground clearance is very low which has been done in order to enhance the appearance of this car. But it also restricts this car strictly to on-road drives only.

2017 BMW M9 – Main Power Production Unit

The slight rough road can damage the chassis of this car. High build quality 18 inches alloy wheels have been installed in this M9 2017. Coming to the engine specification, the 2017 BMW M9 will be getting two engine variants, one with a V8 engine and another with the V12 engine. The exact specification of the engines has not yet been revealed. Top speed for this car has been rated at around 320 mph. Curb weight has been reduced this time with the help of lighter chassis which has helped enhance performance and lowered the fuel economy. The 2017 BMW M9 will be filled with latest consoles which include automatic climate control, Bluetooth, navigation, rearview camera, lane assistance, etc. many of these features have been upgraded to their latest versions.

2017 BMW M9 – Price and Release Date

The BMW is still very quiet about release date of this car. But according to many strong sources, the 2017 BMW M9 is supposed to hit the market by the end of this year. The date can change and shift to the beginning of next year as well without any prior notice. Price for the base version of this car has been fixed around $300000 and it will reach up to $500.000 without including any taxes for the highest version.

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