Dodge Rampage Changes, Price

The Dodge Rampage is a coupe utility, unibody, and subcompact vehicle that was in production line between 1982-84. After the production for long two years, the manufacturer had stopped to build the models. Dodge has officially announced that their team is going to remanufacture and reintroduce this pickup truck as 2017 Dodge Rampage model to revive the customers. The concept of this vehicle shows a clear muscle truck with the ability to perform in different road conditions. It resembles like a crossover vehicle, but the release will highlight its actual truck appearance.

2017 Dodge Rampage  - front

2017 Dodge Rampage – Body Styles Changes and other Options

The manufacturer gives light to the concept in 2006 and is trying to feature the signature style with modern amenities to support the new 2017 Rampage. It is expected that this vehicle will come with:

  • Front wheel drive
  • Gigantic engine
  • Greater acceleration
  • Power transmission will be standard with automatic, manual or CVT as options.

The 2017 Dodge Rampage is supposed to have a towing capacity of 10,000 lbs. Although Dodge 2017 Rampage created an atmosphere of its own, the enhanced features will illuminate its presence in the new world. It is widely rumored to come in compact size rather than subcompact model. It is also predicted that this comes with a minimum possible weight for maximum power to achieve better fuel efficiency. It will include:

  • Headlamps and taillamps are powered by LEDs.
  • Interior designing will be done to facilitate better comfort to the family and work team as well.
  • It will use 22 inches of alloy wheel for better performance and look.
  • Seats will be incorporated with fine leather materials for improved comfort.
  • Occupants will get abundant headroom and legroom space to stretch and feel relaxed at any time.
  • Two back seats can be folded to provide extra cargo space whenever required.

With the touchscreen enabled, it is enhanced by the modern technology, and it supports easy connectivity to the vehicle. In addition, the 2017 Dodge Rampage will come with enhanced safety features, the navigation system, and improved audio system.

2017 Dodge Rampage – Modification under the Hood

In this new Rampage, the manufacturer is going to add an all-new engine. It will be equipped with 5.7-liters, V8 HEMI engine that supports Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement System. With the incorporation of the 5-speed transmission system, it increases the shifting performance. The engine is expected to produce around 345 hp with the possibility of a diesel option. It is predicted to meet an acceleration of 60 mph from 0 in just 5 seconds in this 2017 Dodge Rampage. According to the reports, the manufacturer is planning to offer different engine options. But the fact is not yet cleared or announced officially. It will be interesting to see what the new Dodge Rampage 2017 will have in its package.

2017 Dodge Rampage – Release Date and How Much will Cost?

Actually, the work is in progress that’s why everyone has to wait for the manufacturer’s official announcement. It is expected to come early next year, but this is uncertain. The price of 2017 Dodge Rampage is expected to go a little higher than its previous edition, and this seems pretty decent for a modern vehicle with such outstanding features.

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