Fiat Freemont Redesign, Price

The 2017 Fiat Freemont is one of the stylish luxurious mid-sized SUV. It has been designed as a modern family car thanks to brilliant Italian engineering. The car comes with a strong engine, latest technology and has a more appealing look compared to the previous model.

This car is the cutting edge of how a modern family SUV should look like. The low price advantage makes it competes well with the rivals. The advanced features have produced unprecedented results to the car.

2017 Fiat Freemont - front

2017 Fiat Freemont – Exterior and Interior Redesign

The 2017 Fiat Freemont has modified exterior and interior. The car is fitted with 19-inch alloy wheels which are black in colour. They have been designed to make the car more stable and strong when at top speed. The bumper, roof rails and side skirts are chrome in colour giving it an elegant look.

Further, the spoilers will have a stop light which makes the car look more beautiful. The headlights are much bigger and are fitted with LED technology. They make the car appear classier. In addition, the car has fog lights that have a new mask. The body has been made with appearing colours and has been fitted with lent air spaces to facilitate cooling.


The 2017 Fiat Freemont exterior has undergone several changes compared to the previous model. In fact, it has been made more pleasant and comfortable and has a stylish Italian touch. The seats are made from a leather material and are quite comfortable.

They can be adjusted such that the passengers and the driver get more comfortable space. This feature gives more cargo space. Further, they have been fitted with emergency safety belts. There are several advanced safety technological features like; a head restraint and airbags for every passenger. The 2017 Fiat Freemont has some driving assistance features which include; a rear camera, stability control, and an emergency braking system.

The stability control gives the car proper traction at any speed which the rear camera assists in parking. Several changes have been made to the dashboard since it is fitted with a central console unit .In addition, the car has a navigation control system for direction. The infotainment system has a port where you can attach a gadget and listen to music. The car also has a big LCD screen.

2017 Fiat Freemont - interior

2017 Fiat Freemont – Engine and Performance

The 2017 Freemont has a more powerful engine compared to the predecessor. It has two engine options; a 2.0-liter Multi Jet II powertrain that comes with a manual gearbox and works with a 6-speed power transmission. This engine gives 138 hp and 260 Ib- ft of torque.

This will be a front-wheel drive. The engine will have high fuel efficiency since no fuel is slashed. The second option will be a 2.0-liter engine that works with a 6-speed automatic transmission to produce 168 hp. Also, this will be an all-wheel-drive version.

2017 Fiat Freemont - rear

2017 Fiat Freemont – Price and Release Date

In conclusion, the new Fiat Freemont 2017 is expected to be in the market by mid of next year,2017. It is expected to have a retail price of around $35,000. However,the manufacturer has not yet made this official and public. Finally, this is a family car that will offer superb value for money.

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