Lincoln Aviator Specs, Price

Based on the Explorer range SUVs and a downscaled version of the Navigator, 2017 Lincoln Aviator is one great SUV to look forward to. With an early 2017 release date, it will hit the market as one of the mid-range SUVs. A strong segment growth powered by a slump in oil prices has led Lincoln to venture into it with this rescaled re-engineered model.

Mid-range SUV buyers mostly comprise of families whose primary requirements are those concerning economy and utility. Manufacturers trying to gain a stronghold in this segment would thus have to provide a high value-for-price and competition is fierce. And as far as speculations persist along with trusted sources, the 2017 Lincoln Aviator might fit the bills.

2017 Lincoln Aviator - front

2017 Lincoln Aviator – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The US automakers have hinted on this new generation being longer and wider at the base. It will be shedding some of its weight, approximately a lump of 200kg; the model will be based on the new generation aluminum chassis MKT and Navigators. Although basic design will still be unchanged, this Lincoln will still have the trademark styles which make it distinct such as its Waterfall Grille and its Shaped Rear End.


  • Passenger Capacity-6
  • Seat Split Ratio- 40/20/40

Functionality will be the motto of the Lincoln Aviator 2017 interior with requisite touches of luxury to keep up with competition in the genre. A rear seat placed LCD screen may come standard as an introductory add-on to go ahead of market defaults. Even if this might be a rumor, infotainment, and in-cabin luxury will be targeted for.

Lincoln has also hinted at the inclusion of special utility modules into the production range, which it had showcased with the Navigator concept at 2016 Detroit Motor Show. Targeting a sharper customer base might just be the USP that this new generation model needs. Given the larger dimensions of the model, boot-space and luggage space will not hinder it from achieving a good rating as a family-friendly vehicle.

2017 Lincoln Aviator - interior

2017 Lincoln Aviator – Engine Trims/Variants

Speculations suggest that this upcoming 2017 Aviator will get three engine variations including a fourth sports trim thereon. Estimated specs follow:-

  • 3 L Turbo Inline-4 EcoBoost – 360hp+290 lb-ft.
  • 5 L V6 EcoBoost- Unspecified Output. Optimal Mileage.
  • 5 L V6 Ti-VCT- 400hp+380 lb-ft [Expected Sport Trim]

Transmission variants are:

  • 8 speed Auto FWD/AWD
  • 10 speed Auto AWD [Expected Sports Trim]

Mileage and acceleration will be checkboxes which Lincoln would like to achieve. Weight loss will add to the latter which will give it a much-needed boost given that it will endure more city driving than outdooring except for the rumored 2017 Lincoln Aviator Sport.

2017 Lincoln Aviator - rear

2017 Lincoln Aviator – Pricing and Competition

  • Estimated Price- $35,000-$48,000
  • Release Date- Q1 2017


The mid-range SUV genre is replete with choices which a family man spoilt for more. However, as mentioned before, the growth in this segment hints at the new customers who might be opting for a new car, a section that will be targeted by the 2017 Lincoln Aviator. Finally, its competitors like the Cadillac Escalade, Lexus LX, Ford Expedition and the Infiniti QX80, it will face an uphill task which it might just pull off.

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