Pontiac GTO Judge Price, Release Date

As far as muscle cars are concerned, Pontiac GTO is an absolute legend. More than a legend, these cars have become a cult. Fifty years down the lane, this brand, GTO took the birth of a legend. But there have been many ups and downs, many complications and situations which led to the ultimate demise of this car. It became a rare car and for the younger petrol head generation, this car was almost buried, until now. Making a re-entry into the market, Pontiac has been wild with the new 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge.

2017 Pontiac GTO Judge front

2017 Pontiac GTO Judge – Brief History

It is really astonishing for a car to have undergone three comebacks and still creating a considerable hype. Well, Pontiac GTO may not have much meaning to the younger generation of car addicts, but those who really love this car will have huge anticipations. This is the third time that Pontiac GTO will be coming to stores after 1974 and 2004 comebacks. But the thing is, this time; things are looking really good for this muscle car with a nose to be up there in the market where it belongs.

2017 Pontiac GTO Judge – Engine Of This Car

The engine of 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge is a huge onus on which sales will be depending. Apart from anything else, this is a muscle car. So naturally, it will be expected to be having a really powerful engine under its hood. Rumors speak of some really interesting things being conjured inside the hood. This is the third time Pontiac GTO is making a comeback in its eventful history. The manufacturers surely do not want anything to wrong.

From rumors, it is expected that this new 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge will be coming with no less than a 6.2-liter V8 unit. A minimum of 430 hp of juice can be expected from this car’s latest edition. There is going to be huge competition in a market. Without any well to do engine, GTO Judge may not stand a chance. This engine should be ably supported by an automatic transmission which should, without question support an AWD drive system.

2017 Pontiac GTO Judge – Release Date, Price, and Rivals

This is the information for which most fans are eagerly waiting for. Frankly speaking, nothing official can be said at this very moment. Only rumors can be conveyed. These rumors are nevertheless from quite reliable sources. According to such whispers, we can say that this Pontiac GTO Judge 2017 may be available in the market by the end of 2017.

Pricing options, however, are even trickier. There is no saying how much the actual cost can be. Rumors regarding are not so reliable. However, there is information which says that pricing may be within $35,000 to $40,000 but is highly subject to speculations.

When it comes to American muscle cars and their rivals, things get simple yet complex. One has the choices of Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger which can be considered to be worthy rivals of 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge.

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