Toyota 4Runner Review, Price

Another sizzling piece of news for motoring enthusiasts is now making its rounds – the much-anticipated 2017 Toyota 4Runner is making its debut soon! This exciting news will be very warmly received by Toyota enthusiasts as this model has been proven to be one of the best SUVs coming from the reputable Japanese car manufacturer and is expected to provide stiff competition to those in its category. Designed originally and touted even since its introduction in 1984 as a new, dynamic over-comer of the rugged, challenging off-road terrain, the 2017 Toyota 4Runnerhas indeed more than proven itself to deserve its meritorious, unofficial title as a king within its class in this category of SUVs. Which is more reason why the new model is expected to make heads turn even more, what with more than 30 years of automotive history under its belt! The rugged yet dynamic look, the performance, and the breeding. These are going to be even more radically styled and improved in the new replacement. Speculation has it that it is leaning heavily towards a redesign, improved performance and even greater off-road prowess to stun its competition.

2017 Toyota 4Runner - front

2017 Toyota 4Runner – Innovations in the Dashboard, Storage and Safety Features

There seems to be a big hush of silence shrouding the new Toyota 4Runner 2017 as far as the external and internal styling is concerned. However, it is expected that the manufacturer would have to factor in some new stylistic innovations and significant updates in order to qualify and justify its existence as a new 2017 Toyota 4Runner worth looking into. For one, the frontal façade, ie the front fascia, headlights and additional lights on the front grille enhanced with LED lighting and dazzlingly effective Xenon fog lights, would all be perfectly slotted into the restyling of this much-anticipated SUV. News has it also that the manufacturer has finally seen fit to add a robust luggage carrier on the roof for greater functionality! Handling and improved fuel consumption are other key features being brandished as selling points courtesy of the reduction in the overall weight of the new model. These are salient buzz points that will work well in its favor. Whilst the exterior of 2017 Toyota 4Runner is not expected to go through a major transformation, the interior is tipped to display some refreshing uplifts that will pleasantly surprise its hordes of passionate 2017 4Runner aficionados in the form of cutting-edge technological innovations and connectivity working hand-in-glove with improved audio systems, multimedia screen display, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, forward traffic warning and rear view camera. There’s even news of a telescoping steering wheel, climate control, heated seats, traction control, more airbags for added safety and Tire Pressure monitoring systems. That’s certainly a lot of goodies packed into this new package! The seats of 2017 Toyota 4Runner are also being upgraded for greater comfort, including the fact that two of the rear seats will be completely foldable. This means that the cargo space will be greatly enlarged to about 50 cubic feet, allowing for the accommodation of 8 passengers!

2017 Toyota 4Runner - interior

2017 Toyota 4Runner – Powerful Engine and Performance

The manufacturer has been very tight-lipped about the engine specs yet it is known that they will be adding more prowling power to give this new 2017 Toyota 4Runnera lot more growl and menace to plough through rough terrain. This new SUV is slated to be very friendly to the driver and the passengers whilst being a terror to be reckoned with on the terrain. The anticipated 4.0-liter V6 engine will be paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission, making this power train food for at least 270 hp and 278 lb-ft of torque performance. It is even rumored that there will be a V8 with AWD, with the hauling around 5000 lb. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, the fuel economy is expected to be around 17 mpg when hitting the highways and averaging 20 mpg in the city.

2017 Toyota 4Runner - rear

2017 Toyota 4Runner – Release Date and How Much will Cost?

News has been on the grapevine that this new beauty 2017 Toyota 4Runner will be released end 2016. And the price? Approximated to be between $30,000 – $45,000 for the base model, and the 2017 Toyota 4Runner with the highest trims, respectively.

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