Audi Q2 Review, Release Date

Presented at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, the 2018 Audi Q2 model was voted as the best Audi SUV design. The model is aimed at a young audience, being a wholly customizable automotive with a variety of taste for colors and other attractive features. It will be more of a sporty vehicle in appearance, but still affordable to many. It will undoubtfully stage a stiff competition to other SUVs in the market since it is designed to possess features desired by most people, especially the young generation. A number of technology improvements from its previous design will also be present for the new design.

2018 Audi Q2 - front

2018 Audi Q2 – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

In addition, the 2018 Audi Q2 will have an exterior made up of lightweight aluminum, steel, carbon fiber. And also, steel material to provide a rigid structure that will offer fuel efficiency at the same time. Its horizontal line will have an elegant and fantastic styling. Also, it will be eco-friendly since the above feature will result in less emission of poisonous gasses. As contrasting to its predecessor, the 2018 Audi Q2 will appear edgier and sharper, featuring a gently sloping roofline. Its shape will be more of a square and rugged, making it appear massive. The front part will have a vast and wide grille, with headlights on each side of it made with the new LED technology. The SUV will ride on wide wheels ranging from 16-19 inches for increased grip and stability on the road.


The five-door 2018 Q2 will have a luxurious and highly customizable cabin. Leather upholstery will cover the comfortable seats, inner door parts and the power steering wheel. The dashboard will have two infotainment systems installed. The first one will have a 5.8-inch HD Audi MMI display with Android Auto and Apple Car Play operating systems installed. Also, the second system will feature a 12.3-inch Virtual cockpit replacing analog gauges. That will be controlled using buttons on the steering. In the cabin, a LED Ambient lighting system will illuminate casting a variety of patterns depending on the time of the day. Also, the cabin will be spacious making it capable of accommodating up to five passengers comfortably.

2018 Audi Q2 - interior

2018 Audi Q2 – Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the 2018 Audi Q2 will explore a variety of options for the powertrain. The first variant will consist of a one-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine capable of producing up to 116 hp. Also, a second variant will feature a 1.4- liter four-cylinder TFSI petrol engine with a power output of 150 hp and up to 250 lb-ft of torque. Two variants of diesel engines will include a 1.6-liter and a 2.0-liter engine. The super engine for the better trim will be joined to a seven-speed S-Tronic system while the other engines will be linked to a six-speed manual transmission gear system. The base trim will adopt the standard front wheel drive while better trims will be fitted with a four-wheel drive powertrain.

2018 Audi Q2 - rear

2018 Audi Q2 – MSRP and Release Date

In conclusion, the Audi Q2 2018 is expected to be released to the market in late 2017. Upon release, the base trim of the SUV will have a starting price of $25,000. A price that will vary up to $37,000 for the S-class trim.

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