Audi S6 Review, Specs, Price and Photos

The 2018 Audi S6 comes with a perfect combination of features that make it superior to its predecessors. This high-tech car promises an exquisite interior for your luxury needs. It also delivers an appealing outside shape that will have heads turning. Further still, you can count on top-notch performance to meet your needs. All these at a comparatively affordable rate too!

Let’s take an in-depth look at what else the anticipated S6 promises to deliver.

2018 Audi S6 front

2018 Audi S6 – Design and Features

When one looks at the 2018 Audi S6 from the front, they first notice its trapezium shaped grille. It’s hard to miss also the handsome hood. At the back lie, the handy square tipped exhaust ports. The 2018 Audi S6 comes with a carrying capacity of five. This means the S6 can be used as a personal car just as easily as it can be a family car.

The passengers in the back and front seats have adequate leg room to be comfortable. The S6’s trunk can hold up to 14.1 cubic feet of luggage. This allows one to carry ample luggage with ease.

The 2018 Audi S6 further boasts a large information display for the driver. It has a dimension of a whopping 8 inches which allows the driver easy sight of necessary information. Additionally, there is a first-class Bose audio system, elegant leather padding, a rear-view camera, Bluetooth connectivity and the famous MMI which is better known as Audi’s unique infotainment system.

The interior goes a notch higher in style and aesthetic appeal. This comes about due to accentuation that is done using carbon twills. To add to that there is also contrast stitching as well as red leather availability. When it comes to luxury and comfort in the inside the 2018 Audi S6 definitely outshines many of its competitors.

Safety Features

There is a variety of safety features embedded in the 2018 Audi S6. One of these is a complete airbag package. A handy pre-sense rear system automatically applies breaks when a rear crash occurs so as to minimize the risk of consequential collusions. There are also systems for traction controls. The additional Driver Assistant Package comes with added controls like the active lane control. It also boasts the adaptive cruise control. A pre-sense plus system detects an oncoming collision and tightens all seat belts.

Engine and Performance

The Audi S6 has a powerful twin turbo Premium Unleaded V-8 engine. This is coupled with a 4.0 liter/244 displacement. This creates a horsepower of 450 and torque amounting to 406. For a mid-size car, it is definitely a hub of power. Its performance is consequentially high end. The car takes corners neatly due to the included sports rear differential.

On the speed scale, this car can move with a speed of up to 60 mph in a whopping 4.3 seconds.

The S6 boasts an all-wheel drive that aids the ground of all this power through a 40/60 front-to-rear split. It is effortless to move from function to function in this car with the handy 7-speed twofold clutch automatic handles. Regarding efficiency, the 2018 Audi S6 has an EPA rate of 18 mpg. The base curb weight comes to 4497 lbs.

Release Date and Price

The newest Audi S6 is set to be released by the end of 2017 or latest early 2018. It is set to go for $ 71,850. For all the upgrades and high-end performers, it is definitely a model to consider!

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