BMW 7-Series Review, Price

At this point, motor magazines have scant information about how the new 2018 BMW 7-Series will turn out. But going by speculations, expect BMW to bring in some modest design changes to make their new car look more futuristic. The engine specifications may also feature some refreshments. The BMW is a name that is synonymous with driving excellence and aristocracy. In fact, this German automaker is responsible for birthing a whole generation of legendary performance vehicles. Its flagship full-size sedan, the 7 Series is one such impeccable specimen. Originally launched in 1977, this luxury sedan has achieved cult status amongst enthusiasts and aficionados. So, hints of a new 2018 BMW 7-Series, has sent ripples of excitement across global markets.

2018 BMW 7-Series front view

Will this new 2018 BMW 7-Series feature a revamped exterior?

The automobile experts who studied the spy shots believe that this new sedan will display a more aggressive outlook. The Germans may introduce a new face-lifted front fascia with a redesigned front grille. So, expect to get a pair of highly trendy projector LED headlamps that are thin and stretched out. The new front fascia can get a larger version of BMW’s iconic front grille; which might extend and curve out at the top.

The 2018 BMW 7-Series tailgate will also display some minor changes. These additions may include a pair of new frowning tail lamps that are LED enabled. Chrome inserts are a prominent feature of this year’s 7-Series model. Sex appeal will reach new heights with new stylish 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels. The M series versions of this sedan will get more add-ons like ceramic brake elements, carbon fiber inserts and sporty blacked out wheels.

To maintain superior aerodynamic capabilities, the 2018 BMW 7-Series will get a more curvy and fluid outer shell. So, expect to see prominent lines that run from front to back of this full sized sedan.

Will this BMW get a new interior?

The customers can expect to see this sedan feature BMW’s iDrive system. So, it will get gesture-sensing controls. The luxurious leather will grace every inch of the interior cabin to exude a more premium feel.

Can this new version feature a more powerful engine setup?

The BMW is yet to confirm how this new car’s power department will turn out. But basing assumptions on popular predictions, expect to get a couple of different engine options. The standard versions of 2018 BMW 7-Series can house a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline 6-cylinder production unit that creates 320 HP at 300 lb-ft of torque. However, the US markets will get a more powerful 4.4-liter twin-turbo unit that cranks out close to 445 HP of muscle at an equally impressive torque number. The BMW 7-Series 2018’s M edition variants may get an all-powerful twin turbo V12 monster that roars out around 601 HP.

All versions of this sedan will get rear wheel drive with four wheel versions as optional. Enthusiasts believe that transmission will cone in an 8-speed automatic or a 7-speed dual clutch automatic. Expect EPA ratings to hover around 21 mpg for cities and 30 mpg on highways.

When will this model come out and how much will cost?

Considering all the supposed upgrades, expect these 2018 BMW 7-Series to start from around $80,000 or more. As far as release date is concerned the car can debut by mid-2018 or a little later.

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