BMW M4 Changes, Price

Finaly, the new 2018 BMW M4 will soon be on the market. BMW have from time to time again continued producing brilliant. And magnificent vehicles that not only go ahead to challenge the motoring world. But also enhance the drivers comfort, efficiency and reliability behind the wheels. The motoring company has released some great machines that sustain the faith of a motoring enthusiast that the future on motoring. And motor vehicles is one that is bright and to sustain this faith, BMW have made no mistakes in developing the new and much anticipated 2018 BMW M4. The This 4 series vehicle was created as a luxurious 2 door version of the 3 series sedan and make no mistake. It has stood the test of time in enhancing the BMW brand and also standing out as a big boy among the other BMW series.

2018 BMW M4 - front

2018 BMW M4 – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The 2018 BMW M4 is a sight to behold. The first thing that would keep your eyes engrossed is the brilliant body work and design that is created to enhance aerodynamics and improve not only the ease of performance but also the ability of the car to take on a corner and come out victorious at the end of it. The car is installed with an 18 inch staggered-width alloy wheels backed by summer tires. The body kit gives you a feel of the standard M4 body. It is equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes which is an optional feature for the M4.

It is comes with an option of either a 2 door coupe or a convertible version. One interesting feature of the convertible is that it takes 20 seconds for the upper body kit to retract, which is relatively fast. The The BMW M4 2018 is equipped with two double exhaust panels on each side giving it a beastly look from the back. The front headlights are also LED equipped.


Entering into this gorgeous piece of a machine is made possible by an automatic open, no key required. The 2018 BMW M4 interior spots a standard 4 series cabin. To enhance the luxury feel of the car, it has a high quality finishing with a carbon fiber and matte aluminium strip. The M logos are easily visible in the inside while on the dashboard. While others have looked forward for inspiration, BMW have continued to get theirs from the past. This is evident since BMW have maintained much reserved analog gauges. You also get a Navigation system controlled through the 8.8 Inch central display. The display itself offers crisp graphics and a very fast response time.

The 2018 BMW M4 interior is quite spacious offering enough space for leg-room. Two adults can thus comfortably sit with minimal discomfort. The cargo room also offers decent space for cargo hence you can easily fit your grocery shopping and office briefcase inside.

Safety Features:

To ensure speed is more realistic and safe, the 2018 BMW M4 is equipped with several standard safety feature which include traction and stability control. It is also fitted with side and front airbags in case of a crush. The M4 has a special breaking improvement system that cleans the brake rotors when the car has its wipers in use. It has an optional feature of rear-view and top-down cameras, front and rear parking sensors.

2018 BMW M4 - interior

2018 BMW M4 – Powerful Engine and Performance

The handling of the 2018 BMW M4 is quite smooth enhanced by the relatively low riding position and the power-steering. Cornering is thus easy and quite fast. The car was designed to appeal to speed enthusiasts and also a normal guy who only needs his car to take him from work to his mothers. The M4 has thus maintained a balance between the two. To some it can be a tame and meek toy while to others it transforms into a true and German Machine.

Delving into the juicy details, the 2018 BMW M4 is fitted with a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 ensuring that power is one of its key principles. The V6 engine therefore produces an approximated 425 hp. And it being made light and aerodynamic, the 425 hp engine can be able to propel it from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds. This is quite fast considering a 2 door coupe of the Ford Mustang 2018 offers more power but slight lag when it comes to determining the time taken from 0-60 mph. It comes with a choice of either a 6 speed manual system or a seven speed automated manual system.

With the natural fossil fuel reserve dwindling daily, the 2018 BMW M4 has ensured a relatively friendly fuel consumption by its V6 engine. The manual system consumes about 20 mpg while the automated manual transmission system would only get 19 mpg. It may be attributed do the extra 500 pounds on it. To also reduce fuel consumption, the M4 is equipped with an automatic start-stop engine system that would cut off fuel consumption when the car came to a stop e.g. in front of a red-light.

2018 BMW M4 - rear

2018 BMW M4 – Expected Price

On conclusion, the decision on whether or not to purchase the 2018 BMW M4 lies on a very small and simple factor. Its predecessor offered a near and almost perfect companion for a car enthusiast and a prospective buyer. Therefore; since they new 2018 M4 is an improved, more modern and brilliant car, you should definitely get yourself one. The only negative aspect about this German creation is the use of synthetic engine noises induced through its 16 internal sound system speakers. Most would actually prefer the sheer and raw grunting of the V6 engine. Otherwise with prices starting at $78,295. The M4 would be one of the best decisions any prospecting car buyer would make.

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