BMW Z2 Design, Release Date

Do you love comfort while enjoying a good ride? Well, a comfortable ride comes with a great model. Thanks to the makers of the new 2018 BMW Z2 which will definitely give you a ride of a lifetime. BMW is promising a strikingly beautiful model that is definitely an eye catcher.

The machine is said to be relatively smaller and leaner compared to its old model. You can definitely be sure that when the 2018 BMW Z2 is released. It will be a game changer in the market. You don’t want to miss on this new model. Let’s take a look at the exclusive features that make the new 2018 BMW unique.

2018 BMW Z2 - front

2018 BMW Z2 – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

The 2018 BMW Z2 is said to come with a much lighter weight which won’t exceed 2500 pounds. This allows for much better handling of the vehicle. The new machine will also have a facelift like that of its predecessor the Z4 which will definitely give it an explicit outlook. Also, the new model comes with a roll up roof top with a shorter overhang with totally adequate placing room for the roof. This gives it a more luxurious and fancy sporty appearance.

You can always enjoy the warmth of the sun as you drive around. The 2018 Z2 will also have a smaller compact physique compared to the Z4, but it promises more space. The new 2018 BMW sleek bodywork contours grace the machines body architecture, hence creating an essence of athleticism. You can definitely anticipate for an eye-catching machine.


The first thing you can’t fail to notice when you are inside the new 2018 BMW Z2 is the newly designed dashboard which comes with sophisticated technologies. Not forgetting futuristic driving dynamics that will definitely carry you away. You can always be sure that the vehicle offers you with great entertainment.

On the other hand, the interior is well spaced which allows for high comfort levels, starting with the backrests on seats which facilitate for tension build up whenever you are driving for longer distances. The vehicle also comes with a flexible rooftop function system which allows for a greater view of the outside environs once the rooftop is fully open.

2018 BMW Z2 - interior

2018 BMW Z2 – Powerful Engine and Performance

The highly awaited BMW Z2 2018 is said to have an automated four-wheel drive system which is a suggestion of great power and performance. This is most definitely an excellent excess or light weight roadster. Under the hood, the new 2018 BMW is expected to possess 4 cylinders with an aspirated or turbocharged engine which will produce high cruising horsepower of between 160 to 320 hp. With the 2018 BMW, you can be sure that reaching your destination will only take less time than expected. The turbo eco boost muscles will allow for higher efficiency during the performance.

2018 BMW Z2 - rear

Price and Release Date of the 2018 BMW Z2

The new 2018 BMW Z2 model is said to sell at $ 30,000 which is due to its high fuel consumption levels. It’s suggested that it will do 30 miles per every Gallon. The machine is said to hit the showroom in the early months of the year 2018.

This is a car worth your attention and you definitely won’t be disappointed once it reaches the market. Here is all you need to know about the 2018 BMW Z2 that will eagerly keep you waiting for its release.

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