BMW Z4 Spotted in Germany

Originally produced in California, this coupe/ cabriolet lineup will get upgraded soon with the new 2018 BMW Z4. First launched in 2002, this rear wheel drive German sports car is now a cult figure among petrol heads. Back then it replaced BMW Z3 and went on to win “Design Car of the year award” in 2002. The recently released spy shots of a camouflaged BMW roadster putting in some nice testing. So, rumors are rife about an upgraded Z4 preparing to make its market debut.

2018 BMW Z4 front

Do customers get a completely redesigned outer shell?

At this moment, almost no concrete information is available about how this 2018 BMW Z4 will look. But, deducing from experience, expect BMW to go full tilt on making their new roadster completely futuristic. The latest car will feature a pair of sleek bi-xenon headlamps that extend into Z4’s traditional dual-kidney grille. Designers in Germany will look to make this Z4 as streamlined as possible. So, expect to see bold lines and crevices running from front to back of the car. This will make the car more aerodynamic and stylish.

Predictions suggest new owners will get a fresh and futuristic cockpit inside. The 2018 BMW Z4 will house some very innovative new add-ons. For instance, driver comfort can skyrocket to new highs with handcrafted leather seats. Driver information will go completely digital with an equally high-tech, sexy ambient lighting.

To ensure full surround sound, this roadster will house some of Bose’s finest creations. A more improved and intuitive infotainment system will make the driving experience more frictionless. Other comfort perks can include BMW’s powerful climate control system and heated steering wheel.

The 2018 BMW Z4 will come in both coupe and cabriolet formats, so speed junkies can experience the thrill of “driving with the top down.”

Will this 2018 BMW Z4 be more powerful?

Going by speculations, expect this mid-range sports car to come with multiple engine options. The standard options will include a 2.0-liter B48 engine; power and torque numbers are still obscure.

The BMW may also include a more powerful 3.0 liter B58 engine variant in the higher model. Senior officials at BMW hint that car dimensions will remain more or less unchanged. But customers this year can get a lighter rendition of this iconic mid-range. An efficient 8-speed automatic transmission will carry power to the rear wheels; four-wheel drive is not available in this lineup.

Coming to the fuel economy of 2018 BMW Z4, expect to get the same statistics. So, the EPA ratings here are likely to hover around 22 mpg in cities and 32 mpg on freeways.

So, when is this roadster coming out and what will it cost?

No news is available yet of when this vehicle will enter global markets. But one can expect to see the Z4 in showrooms by mid-2018, or a little later than that.

As this car has gone through quite a few tweaks and upgrades, the German’s might introduce a higher price tag. But keeping competitors like Porsche’s Boxster and Audi’s TT in mind; cost of 2018 BMW Z4 can start from $50,000 or more.

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