Buick Riviera Changes, Price

It is rumoured that General Motors will soon release 2018 Buick Riviera. The American carmaker has discontinued its car fanatics since 1999 and there have been no speculations since them. Riviera was a 2-doorway luxurious car. Now almost two decades since it was stopped, it looks like the latest version will borrow the two front door coupe original formula from its processor. However, if you believe the rumours, 2018 is soon coming.

2018 Buick Riviera - front

2018 Buick Riviera – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

It is expected that the hybrid model will be developed using a creative design that can be competitive in the market. Targeting the high-end automotive industry, the finished product will have a combination of sleek edges and clear curves. It will also have Vogue lights as well as support LED.


The upcoming Riviera will meet elegance, luxury and high performance as the needs of today’s client. The 2018 Buick Riviera inside is as stunning as the outside. The inside looks simple and temporary with its blue and greyish regular shades. This is deliberately made to make you appreciate the vehicle.

You don’t have to worry about safety. The car has 10 high-resolution cameras and 18 micro high-precision sensors. For an ease ride, the car will come with air springs, four-wheel steering, and dampers that are controlled electromagnetically.


After the revealing of two concepts, the 2018 Buick Riviera is set to be released. The first concept was unveiled in China at Shangai Auto Showa a few years ago and then Buick revealed that the car will be a 4-front door sedan. Ever since the concepts appeared on the market its images and speculations are all over the internet.

From the online photos, the upcoming Riviera will most likely be developed using Alpha platform just like the Cadillac CT6. Nevertheless, unlike Cadillac CT6 which is targeted for US market; this Riviera is set to make its sales in China, Australia, and Europe.

2018 Buick Riviera - interior

2018 Buick Riviera – Main Power Production Unit

The Buick Riviera 2018 will come with a turbocharged inline engine 4. The 2.0 –liter engine is expected to have a capacity of 250 hp and a torque of 270 pounds. Besides that, the car has a 3.0-liter engine (V6 dual turbocharged). The engine will provide a horsepower of 400. These two engines will have a rear/ all tire drive and a new automatic gearbox.

And since this is a high efficient sedan, high performance can’t be compromised. It could come with a 4.8-liter twin turbocharged V8 engine that will effectively offer 500 hp.

It is supposed to be the first hybrid vehicle to be charged wireless. The engine is powered using a dual mode wireless plug in an electric vehicle. Therefore the car can be used using either gas or electric mode. The 2018 Riviera also comes with a charging port and cable that is connected to the engine.

2018 Buick Riviera - rear

What are 2018 Buick Riviera Price and Release Date?

Nobody has seen or priced the car future technology and as a result, there is nothing to compare it against. It is estimated that the pricing of this new version will be about $50,000 after including optional features. This price can also rise.

So far, Buick has not yet given any official release date nor Riviera’s comeback confirmation. But, if all goes well, 2018 Buick Riviera will be debuted later in 2018.

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