Chevy Colorado ZH2 Perfect Army Vehicle

The 2018 Chevy Colorado ZH2 is the result of that willingness to make sturdy vehicles. This car is made to reduce noise and heat emissions. In order to do that, Chevrolet makes use of fuel cell technology.

In terms of making military vehicles, Chevy also intends to top other brands with the addition of BDS suspension. Nicknamed Crawlorado, this vehicle is meant for light transportation. As opposed to other hybrid vehicles, Chevy has made use of the stretched pickup chassis designed to battle rougher terrains.

2018 Chevy Colorado ZH2 front

2018 Chevy Colorado ZH2 – Powertrain

In place of diesel and petrol engines, Crawlorado uses hydrogen fuel cells to operate its engine. This is an addition to the typical hybrid vehicles in it that it requires a meager 5 minutes to charge its cells.

The 2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 has got an electric motor which is designed to make 177 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. In order to fuel this motor, Chevy has installed 3 hydrogen fuel tanks each with 9.3 lbs of the fuel. Since the vehicle is specially designed for military purposes, it will take less than 5 minutes to charge the motor with hydrogen under pressure.

Although this technology is still in its development stages. Chevy has specifically pondered on its capacity to run more than 350 miles from a single tank charge. The hydrogen fuel cell is expected to provide more than 25 kWh of power.

Talking about advantages of using this technology, Chevrolet has stated that the only emission 2018 Chevy Colorado ZH2 engine will make is pure water. Being an army vehicle, the need for pure water in emergency situations is something that does not need mentioning.

Also, this special hybrid engine will not create any noise as compared to petrol/diesel engines. This might be useful for camouflage.

2018 Chevy Colorado ZH2 – Appearance

Already still in its concept stage, this vehicle might prove to be one of the significant technologies that Chevy has ever used. Though the basic structure is built on the Colorado, it’s basically an army vehicle with useful modifications.

37-inch tires agree to offer more suspension to this AWD vehicle and stress has been given on the curvature and departure angles. LED lights aim to provide more visibility and save power. The Chevy Colorado ZH2 2018 can easily house 4 passengers in Recaro seats.

From the inside, this vehicle has an improved cabin with new dashboard meant typically to provide more vehicle control. Added to that are some regular infotainment facilities managed by the center fitted touch screen and advanced climate control.

Body of this 4×4 vehicle is made of excess carbon fiber and its extra light weight makes it easier to handle. The built-in energy converter will attempt to help the army men to charge their devices in extremes of situations. Also, painted in a typical army hide color, 2018 Chevy Colorado ZH2 is made to be a perfect army vehicle.

2018 Chevy Colorado ZH2 – Pricing and Release Date

Set to advance field testing in 2017, Chevy has not yet released the exact date of its release. Also, the price tag belonging to 2018 Chevy Colorado ZH2 is not yet known.

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