Chevy Colorado Changes, Release Date

If you need an off-road capable truck which is known for impressive capability, the chances are high that you drop down your choices to the new 2018 Chevy Colorado or the Ranger. This vehicle is more modern and classy than most of the vehicles in this class. Although potential car lovers should not expect drastic changes in the new model, it is certainly going to be a bit different than its current version.

As of now, the Colorado is the first vehicle in this segment to house MultiMate shocks and aggressive styling. Much can be said about its rugged looks which are itself a sign that it can tackle almost any road conditions. Couple this to a pretty hard chassis structure and electronic locking differentials.

The off-road suspension adds to the glory and you get a pretty decent off-road truck to cater to your towing and hauling needs.

2018 Chevy Colorado front

2018 Chevy Colorado is worth waiting for:

  1. The Duramax Engine:

The Chevy nods its head in the positive. The 2.8 liters 4 cylinder Duramax engine can produce more than 181 HP and 369 lb-ft of torque. It has been designed to be more fuel-efficient and an overall premier performer, opines Chevy. The 2018 Chevy Colorado may not completely get rid of the V6 but there are high chances that a DOHC type engine might add to its velour.

  1. Enhanced towing capabilities:

If you are looking for that perfect towing vehicle, the new 2018 Chevy Colorado might be your choice if you are on a budget. The 4WD version of this vehicle can tow more than 7600 lbs in an average. So while you care for more important issues, your car manages to tow your load.

  1. Extremely fuel-efficient:

The problem with most of the towing vehicles in its class is fuel efficiency. Expect the 2018 Chevy Colorado to be decently efficient to the tune of 24 mpg. Emission authorities have also given a green signal to this vehicle in terms of the emissions.

  1. Improved suspension and 4WD capabilities:

The 2018 Chevy Colorado features 18 inch Beadlock wheels which allow better grip. Combine this with a traction control and a suspension upgrade from its current model and Colorado can handle even rougher terrains with ease.

  1. Exclusive interior designing with pleasing infotainment features:

The 2018 Chevy Colorado boasts of a comfortable interior designing although it is not a typical luxury offering. Add to it MyLink infotainment with smartphone capabilities and leather interiors for higher trims. Lower version Colorados can, however, dishearten owners owing to plastic and fiber dash and cabin.

To conclude:

Although the 2018 Chevy Colorado shares it looks to GMC Canyon, it is in many respects better than it. It has got tougher engines, better-towing capabilities and what not! Expect a price tag of not more than $21,000 for the base model Colorado. However, leather trims and higher engine specifications can come at a price of more than $50,000. This new vehicle can come anytime at the tail end of 2017.

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