Dodge Charger Price, Hellcat

Dodge is a reputed car manufacturer and is going to launch the updated and redesigned 2018 Dodge Charger. The name defines it all, the moment when you are going to press the paddle, and an inner voice might shout “what the hell, how can a car be so damn fast”? The answer is probably the engine made under Dodge’s vigilance. Charger’s engine is popular because of the immense power along with world class luxury and comfort. The intensity of the thrust is beyond imagination.

2018 Dodge Charger front

2018 Dodge Charger – Engine Specs

The Hellcat engine is a 6.2 liter supercharged four cylinder V8 engine with 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. 2018 Dodge Charger will be using the Hellcat engines and with a claim of being the most powerful engine in its segment.

The power and performance of Charger, if compared will be very close to the exotic cars like Porsche and Ferrari. So, one is paying very less than an exotic car and in return he/she is enjoying the driving experience of an exotic car, what else do anybody need? Among the fierce competitors, some of them are worth mentioning; they are Ford Mustang, Corvette Z06, and Camaro SS.

The power and performance of the beast are beyond imagination, 2018 Dodge Charger V8 SRT Hellcat engine can generate 707 hp, the car jumps like a bull, 0 to 60 mph is a matter of only 2.7 secs. One unique feature will be there for the upcoming model, and that would easily measure the amount of power exhausted on a single push.

Another regular 3.6-liter V6 offers 292 hp with either RWD or AWD, accompanied by standard 8- speed automatic transmission.

The fuel economy is claimed as 31 mpg on the highways and 19 mpg within the city premises.

2018 Dodge Charger side

2018 Dodge Charger – Exterior and Interior Design

The Dodge Charger 2018 possesses straightforward and manly looks. Just because of its macho appearance many enthusiasts have appreciated it. The basic structure is lowered to make it ideal for good grip driving experience. The redesigned bumpers and front fascia along with automated taillights look sporty.

While under the roof lies the art of simplicity and elegance. The ambiance is cozy and comfortable. High-speed rides would be really comfortable.

2018 Dodge Charger interior

2018 Dodge Charger – Expected Price and Release Date

Nothing has been declared about the MSRP of 2018 Dodge Charger. But according to market surveys, the analysis says that the base model is going to cost from $30,000 to $52,000. The price range has been left broad in the market because of the various models and optional features. However, the Hellcat engine is going to cost not less than $68,500.

It is expected to hit the roads by the end of 2017 or in the starting months of 2018. Dodge Charger has been the most awaited muscle car in the American and European markets.

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