Dodge Dart Redesign, Specs

The new 2018 Dodge Dart is a car that can help you in fulfilling the dream of owning a sports car within a limited budget. It’s a mini sports car and is amongst most excessively designed vehicles, typically when it comes to its exterior. It has been expertly designed to make it a competitive vehicle in terms of styling and features. It’s a light weight vehicle with great performance capability.

2018 Dodge Dart

2018 Dodge Dart – Design and Features

The new model features a sporty and edgy design. Still, it’s aggressive yet charming at the same time. This car is based on a platform which is similar to Caliber SRT4. The fog lights and headlights in front are large and aggressive. A pair of chrome exhaust pipes complements the overall design. Along with these, spoilers make the rear part look extremely appealing. The exterior colors have been chosen in a way that they add to its sporty appearance. When it comes to the interior of 2018 Dodge Dart, it is completely mesmerizing. It’ll feature all modern utility components, which includes six speakers of high quality. The sound system ensures you have an amazing experience. In contrary of what you would see in other sports car, this car has a spacious cabin instead of being compact.

The cabin of the 2018 Dodge Dart features an amazing dashboard, which allows people to use their laptops. Customers can also install a high-quality LCD screen to its dashboard. It also features an integrated navigation system. There will be high-quality leather covers on seats and a finishing touch will be applied to everything, including steering wheel and shifting knob. Seats also have a lower sitting arrangement, which gives it an even sportier feel.

Engine and Gearbox

A lot of assumptions have been made regarding engine of 2018 Dodge Dart. One of them suggests that it will be having the same engine as Caliber, which is a turbocharged inline 2.4-liter engine. This engine is capable of generating 184 HP, which is an acceptable performance. The manual gearbox will be used for transmitting power to all four wheels. It will also feature new and improved suspension. Thus, even though exact specifications is still unknown, this car is set to deliver a performance to match its sporty and aggressive appearance.

Pricing Details

The 2018 Dodge Dart is speculated to make its first appearance in the market by the last month of 2017. Its sale should start in January of 2018 itself. The Dodge Dart will launch with a competitive pricing of $20,000. Thus, it can be said to be a really affordable vehicle which is ahead of other cars in terms of pricing.

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