Dodge Durango Hellcat Specs, Price

There is no harm in expecting great possibilities from renowned world class vehicle manufacturer like Dodge. Various predictions and assumptions can be made for the upcoming 2018 Dodge Durango Hellcat.

This is because Dodge does not present new models just for the sake of doing it but because the company always presents something that will help the customers somehow in one way or the other and in most cases, the overall driving experience is improved.

Similarly, the 2018 Durango Hellcat can be expected to have an array of improvements. This crossover SUV has already been widely popular for its great performance and the overall feel. The body design of this SUV is also very stylish and iconic which has contributed a major role in its success.

2018 Dodge Durango Hellcat - front

2018 Dodge Durango Hellcat – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

Various sources hold that some modifications in design will be made in this upcoming 2018 Dodge Durango Hellcat. The signature design language of Dodge will remain, but some refinements will be done to it. The front fascia will have some changes in the shape of grille and headlights. The front bumper will also be increased in size with large air intakes in it for better engine cooling.

The overall weight of this upcoming 2018 Dodge Durango Hellcat will be reduced for its body chassis and powertrain will be constructed with lightweight materials like aluminium and carbon fibre. Several improvements will take place in its interior cabin too;nothing can be said as of now regarding this interior cabin, but it can be said that vast improvements will be made on the technological side.

2018 Dodge Durango Hellcat - interior

2018 Dodge Durango Hellcat – Powerful Engine and Performance

Starting out with its engine, the base unit will be a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine. This base variant will generate 290 hp and 260 pound-feet of torque. A 5.7-liter V8 Hemi unit will be another engine that is likely to be used in this upcoming SUV. This 5.7-liter V8 Hemi engine will be able to produce 360 hp and a torque of 390 pound-feet.

An 8-speed automatic transmission system will be used with both of these engines. Power will be transferred to all the four wheels via an all-wheel drive configuration, the option for two-wheel drive configuration might also be presented. It has been said that the fuel consumption will be minimized.

2018 Dodge Durango Hellcat - rear

2018 Dodge Durango Hellcat – Price and Expected Release Date

Several safety features are likely to be added to a semi-autonomous braking system, lane keeping assist and blind spot monitoring. This Dodge SUV should be launched during mid-2017 and if not then early 2018. This Dodge Durango Hellcat 2018 will have a base price of around $30,000.

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