Ford F-150 Lightning Specs and Release Date

The newest 2018 Ford F-150 Lightning is a performance-oriented truck made to enthrall and do the odd job with just as much ease.

Ford F-150 Lightning Specs and Release Date

Back in its day, the Lightning and the Mustang were what every American youth dreamt of. This new upcoming model will be added to an already popular F-150 line-up. But there are quite a few things which need to be taken into consideration before speculating on where this model will come in.

Firstly, there’s a high chance that 2018 Ford F-150 Lightning will serve as a performance trim. Trim specifics will not only be limited to the powertrain, but it will also include exterior and interior modifications.

But then again, there’s an outside that ‘Lightning’ might be included in a performance package with numerous modifications over the base trim. There are too few official statements to pinpoint which of these two will happen. But of everything, there are a few things which can be ascertained. And these are, well Read on!

2018 Ford F-150 Lightning – Body Configurations

The 2018 Ford F-150 Lightning will come in both regular and dual cab configurations. Whether it will have a long bed option included this ultimately depends on Ford’s marketing strategy.

The exterior modifications will be limited to rim changes, body paint, badging among a few minimal others. This is just what the Raptor enjoys and what this Lightning badger is all about. The 2018 Ford F-150 Lightning interior modifications will include trim-specific upholstery and other added details. Buyers can expect interior add-ons as the ‘Lightning’ badging.

Engine Modifications

As mentioned before, this model will apparently come with more power than base models. But the performance is not to take this truck off to Baja like the Ford Raptor. This will be a beast without a doubt but as a pure-bred American beast. Taking 2018 Ford F-150 Lightning off-road is what buyers will be paying for, and there are 2 engine speculations which they will find inside a 2018 Ford F-150 Lightning.

  • 5.0L V8 EcoBoost –

And this will be a much more high-performance version. With the current unit producing 385 HP and 420 lb-ft., this upcoming truck will obviously have much power under the throttle. Experts estimate figures to reach and exceed 420 HP and with torque crossing the 500 pound-feet limiter. And this is the less powerful engine expected.

  • 3.5L V6 –

This naturally aspirated engine is what makes a Raptor a beast of a machine. There is no doubt that Ford will continue making Raptor the more powerful variant. With talks that a Raptor-exclusive 3.5L V6 will add a turbocharger under its hood, the naturally aspirated version will come with the naturally aspirated version.

The power specs will be around 450 HP along with a monstrous 510 lb-ft. plus torque.

It will have a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic transmission along with both 2WD and 4WD drivetrain options.

Release Date and Pricing

The 2018 Ford F-150 Lightning will hit the streets around Q3 2018 or later that year. Its pricing is expected to come in at around $40,000.

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