Ford Fiesta Specs, Price

The 2018 Ford Fiesta fills the needs of any subcompact car driver quite effectively. It can boost the power and speed of a larger car with the styling and gas mileage of a subcompact. The new model also has several modern amenities which help enhance the driving experience.

Ford Fiesta Specs, Price

2018 Ford Fiesta – Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior of the 2018 Ford Fiesta is sleek with several metallic paint colors and exterior striping to choose from. Its small profile hints at the small cargo area behind the backseat. The car can seat five, but three adults would have little space to use in the backseat. The rear seats do not fold down, meaning that the cargo hold cannot be extended like on competitor models. The seats are tilted, however, to provide a few more inches of space in the hold.

The front of the interior is much different. A prominent selling point for the 2018 Ford Fiesta is the luxurious front half. The car has modern styling and design, along with comfortable seats and room for the driver and passenger in the front seat. Basic models come with keyless entry and ignition. There is a built-in infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen equipped with several navigation aids such as Google Maps and Apple CarPlay. In addition, the infotainment system is easy to use and requires the same actions needed to work a smartphone. It is a package often meant for much larger and more expensive cars.

Powerhouse Details

The 2018 Ford Fiesta has a sizeable engine for its size and class. It has a 1.6-liter engine with 120 horsepower that can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in 8.7 seconds. The car has a top speed of 115 miles per hour and can reach that speed rather effortlessly. The 2018 Ford Fiesta handles corners well and stays close to the road. It has an effective suspension which smooths out rough patches of road. This model is also quiet, with both interior and wind noise kept to a level lower than its competitors.

But perhaps the most appealing aspect of the 2018 Ford Fiesta’s engine was the Ecoboost package. This three-cylinder engine package can average between 30 and 40 miles per gallon when combined with a manual five-speed transmission. These additions place the car a step ahead of the competition with regards to gas mileage, beating out the Honda Fit as well as the Fiat 500. The Ecoboost package’s only downside is the fact that it is only offered with a manual transmission.

The car also scores well on crash test results. It scores a four out of five on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ratings and comes with a three-year warranty. These ratings place the car on par with its competitors. However, many competitors also have safety features, such as a rearview camera and park assist, that this car does not have.

Availability and Cost

The 2018 Ford Fiesta has announced for the 2018 year. The basic model starts at $15,000 and moves up to $22,500 for the most expensive engine. Numerous add-ons are offered at every level for the 2018 Ford Fiesta. These include a moonroof and USB ports for the basic Fiesta and continue up through heated front seats and a leather upholstery for the most expensive model.

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