Ford Focus RS 500 Specs, Price

Ford Focus RS 500 was first released in April 2010 with a limited production of 500 units. These vehicles were equipped with a 2.3-liter petrol engine that can produce 350 hp of power with a top speed of 165 mph. The manufacturer is all set to introduce 2018 Ford Focus RS 500 with some significant changes to highlight its existence.

Well, its fans will be excited to acquire such an outstanding model that indeed develops a huge splash in the market. There is no doubt that new Focus RS 500 will be the next attraction from Ford. Of courses, one cannot deny this fact and spy shots of the new model has proved the same.

2018 Ford Focus RS 500 front

2018 Ford Focus RS 500 – Changes in its Exterior and Interior Design

All new RS 500 will be robust in design and have an appealing appearance. It is expected that its front grille will be modified and offer a slightly bigger area for air intakes. The front bumper will also incorporate small air intakes for the ultimate performance.

Headlights will be positioned angularly to the side just below the hood. Its foglights, taillights will also run on the LED technology to offer better visibility. In addition, it is expected that hood will retain the similar shape that was seen in its predecessor.The profile of the all-new Focus RS 500 will be identical in all aspects. One can see a big change above the hatch.

The 2018 Ford Focus RS 500 will be of course cover most of the interior design from its predecessor. But it is expected to come with improved heated front seats. One can expect revised steering wheels, suspension system, braking unit, and different controls.

The instrument cluster will be one of the attractive areas in this vehicle. Furthermore, the dashboard will cover fully digital system along with a navigation unit, infotainment system and much more. Its center console will offer a new color scheme with a lot of free spaces for keeping small items.

2018 Ford Focus RS 500 interior

2018 Ford Focus RS 500 – Engine Specs

According to different sources, it has been predicted that 2018 Ford Focus RS 500 will be equipped with a new engine. Its previous engine can produce a maximum power of 350 hp and 350 lb-ft. of torque.

It will be interesting to know about the actual engine specifications. It is rumored that it might be equipped with 2.3-liter, EcoBoost V6 engine along with other engine variants. Well, it is clear that Ford will not disappoint all its fans and come with high-end configurations.

2018 Ford Focus RS 500 rear

2018 Ford Focus RS 500 – Price and Competitors

One can say that the determination of the price of all new Focus RS 500 will be mysterious. It will come with improved and well-advanced specifications. According to various sources, it has been predicted that RS 500 might reach $36,775 in the upcoming market.

The manufacturer has to think about its competitors. 2018 Ford Focus RS 500 is expected to release in the mid of 2018. In addition, it will get some main rivals that include Audi RS3 and Mercedes-AMG A45 4Matic.

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