GMC Acadia Specs, Release Date

GMC has extensively revamped the new 2018 GMC Acadia, and it’s almost ready to hit the market. With three rows of seats and with the ability to carry up to 7 passengers, the 2018 GMC Acadia will be the ideal midsize family vehicle. This new model is much lighter than the previous models and comes equipped with a V6 engine which offers much better mileage than its predecessors. Fitted with an excellent 6-speed automatic transmission and options of both front and all-wheel drive, the GMC Acadia is a solid performer in all possible weather and road conditions.

2018 GMC Acadia - front

Exterior and Interior Specs of the 2018 GMC Acadia

The exterior of the car has been exquisitely redone by GMC, and the 2018 GMC Acadia Model looks very sleek and sophisticated with its Crimson Red Coat and shiny chrome plastic grille with the GMC logo. The exterior is mostly constructed from lightweight aluminium and magnesium. LED fog lights, 20-inch alloy wheels, and aerodynamic bumpers will smoothly sail the car through the worst of weather conditions.


On the inside, the extremely comfortable leather seats with their subdued color schemes, and mild wood and chrome accents makes for a very soothing interior. With about 80 cubic feet of space inside and three rows of seats, you’ll be able to accommodate up to 7 people without overcrowding the car. With the availability of 5 USB ports and a 120-volt household style outlet, you can rest assured your mobile devices will never go out of battery.

There is also an 8-inch touchscreen on top of the dashboard for audio and navigation which is very easy-to-use and also, compatible with Android and Apple devices. Seating positions are quite tall, and you get a lot of head space, however because of the low step-in height, you do have to bend a little to get in. Visibility is decent, and the rearview camera also covers a fair amount of distance.

2018-GMC-Acadia - interior

Engine and Performance of the 2018 GMC Acadia

The 3.6-litre V-6 engine with a horsepower of a 310 is a powerhouse, which is also surprisingly quiet. The car goes from zero to 60 mph in a mere 6.1 seconds. It can clear a quarter-mile in 15 seconds at 94 mph. The all-wheel-drive CX-9, with a 250 hp, 2.5-liter inline-four takes 7 seconds to reach 60 mph and completes a quarter-mile in 15.8 seconds at a speed of 88 mph.

The acceleration, for a vehicle of this size, is top-notch and the 2018 GMC Acadia can take off very smoothly from a stop. And also effortlessly goes up small hills. The EPA has rated the Acadia at 18 mpg inside the city, 25 mpg on the highway. And a combined 20 mpg overall. In daily usage, the Acadia achieves a steady 21 mpg.

The overall experience of driving, braking, and the suspension is excellent. And particularly well modified for an SUV crossover like the GMC Acadia 2018. The lightly weighted steering makes for smooth driving at high speeds and also adds manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The brakes have high stopping power and do not suffer any lapses even after several abrupt stops.

The transmission of the V6 engine is very responsive to gas pedal inputs. Although the car could have performed better with a 10-speed transmission instead of 6. Other features include keyless ignition and entry, cruise control, automatic climate control. Also, a four-way manually adjustable driver seat and Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility.

2018-GMC-Acadia - rear

Price and Release Date of the 2018 GMC Acadia

The 2018 GMC Acadia is expected to release around the end of 2017. It will be priced at about $ 35,000 for the base model. The price should go up to $ 50,000 for higher trim levels.

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