Honda Civic Sedan Review, Price

Meet the 2018 Honda Civic Sedan, a bigger, more sophisticated, and fuel-efficient car entirely revamped to look way sportier than its predecessors. Civic Sedan’s release comes in as a breather from the rapid pace Honda had dedicated itself into since the first fully redesigned Civic model back in 2016.

With the previous Compact-car model sales going down by more than five percent, the Civic generation comes as a refresher doing a nearly fourteen percent rise in sales; which is quite impressive. What’s even more fascinating, is the updated cabin and unique powerplant choices employed in this beast.

The 5-doorway hatchback bravura shows up after close to 10 years of absence in the US market; something that could mean more demand for the Sedan. Thankfully, its manufacturers target the US market a move likely to be embraced warmly.

2018 Honda Civic Sedan - front

2018 Honda Civic Sedan – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

While Honda is yet to give final interior touches to the 2017 Si and type R as of this post, the 2018 Honda Civic Sedan will most certainly take over their features. So, what fashioning is inimitable is this Honda Civic Sedan 2018? The exterior employs a remarkably more aggressive shape. If its big wheels, high-profile tires, eminent rear spoiler, lower-body aero supplements, are everything to go by.

Seemingly, Honda is doing away with the exhausts placed underneath the rear bumper judging from the previous Civic models. The exhaust outlets will have dual ports protruding from the lower centre of the rear side, a look it will share with Type R and Si Civic models.


From the inside, the 2018 Honda Civic Sedan features a 7-inch touchscreen display, splendidly fixed in the dashboard. Sitting at the centre is a gaming system with the shifter centrally positioned to provide the correct elevation for the system. Incorporated in its audio system are two options; the 160 watts output loudspeaker system with 11 speakers support and the eight-speaker program with a subwoofer and dual tweeters.

Seats will accommodate four adults. They are expected to be all of the original leather, with a soft and cosy backrest.

Other exciting interior features include automatic climate control, GPS navigation system, a rearview camera, push-button ignition. Also, the automatic steering correction, lane departure warning system, Bluetooth connectivity for the audio system, power sunroof, and a remote engine start. Also, equipped is an automatic braking system to avoid a head-on collision scenario.

2018 Honda Civic Sedan - interior

2018 Honda Civic Sedan – Powerful Engine and Performance

Unless Honda decides to drop a Civic hybrid on the 18 line. It is unlikely, not much of the mechanical performance of the 2018 Honda Civic Sedan will be altered. The driving force is expected to be by the front wheels while the engine capacity is a 1.5-liter. Something it takes after its predecessors.

This four-cylinder engine will be turbocharged at 16.5 psi of turbo strain increasing output to about 174 hp and 162-pound feet of torque. The transmission box features a 6-speed standard manual system or a CVT (Continuously Variable Automatic transmission) system. Standing at 40 miles per gallon on freeway, 31 miles per gallon in the city. Also, a 34 mpg on both environments, is the Sedan’s fuel economy.

2018 Honda Civic Sedan - rear

2018 Honda Civic Sedan – Release Date and How Much will Cost?

Unless there’s a significant shift in the availability of 2018 Honda Civic Sedan, prices will likely range between $20,000 and $28000 all-inclusive of the shipment fee. Its major rivals from the Ford, Subaru, and Volkswagen companies, demand a higher amount for the same specs vehicle. In conclusion, the sedan is set to be released in mid-2017 immediately after the hard-core Honda Type R. We can’t wait to get our hands on one, can we?

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