Honda HR-V Changes

The Honda has been pleased with the reception of its HR-V by consumers, so there will not be many changes to the design of the new 2018 Honda HR-V. Because it is 2 years since the original became available to consumers, the Japanese company which manufactures Honda has decided to update and releases a newer version of the original.

2018 Honda HR-V front

2018 Honda HR-V – Style and Appearance

If you are expecting a radical change in the appearance of this car, you will be disappointed. The Company Honda found that most people who bought the original model like the style and appearance on the outside. Here is where a few changes have been made. The steering wheel is slightly larger and made more comfortable to grip. It is also made of leather, which tends to absorb sweaty hands output without becoming slippery. There is also more room for those who are over the average size in height and weight.

The touch screen is fairly easy to access and operate without having to take the driver’s concentration. An armrest that runs between the front seats helps to make either driver or passenger more comfortable. From the positioning of the seats, each person has a good view of the road.

The 2018 Honda HR-V comfortably carries 5 people around town. This, however, could become a little cramped if long -distance driving is going to be involved, but that goes for any transport over a period of time.

2018 Honda HR-V – Engine Capacity

The engine of the 2018 Honda HR-V is a 1.8-liter which gives 28 mpg in town and around 35 mpg fuel economy when on the road. It is can give a driver 141 hp and a neat 127 lb -ft of torque. This is usually paired with a six-speed manual clutch but this can be modified if desired.

2018 Honda HR-V – Affordability and Availablity

The Honda Company has always tried to deliver what customers want and the range of Hondas is what they do, although their looks have been sometimes derided. The price, however, has remained almost the same. Starting at $20,000 in America and being cheaper in Europe, the Japanese makers have kept the prices down, but have introduced several different models according to where the car is sold. The Honda released the newest line of the HR-V in early 2017. The availability will depend on the country it is needed in. The different trims will affect the price in some places and other modifications as well.

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