Kia Soul Review, Release Date

This new 2018 Kia Soul will speak to far and away superior and better show off how the Kia makers and designers can work because of this new SUV as of now have all it takes to wind up hotshot.

2018 Kia Soul - front

2018 Kia Soul – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

There are just few spy shots been seen of new 2018 Kia Soul and even those, vigorously disguised pictures shows us that Kia truly implies business. After the 2014 era, we have no questions this new Soul will get a few modifications in the exterior design. For instance, we hope to see practically every vital detail getting something new. Both of the guards must be strengthened with more carbon fiber utilized which will be available as a part of practically all aspects of the suspension.

When you take a gander at this secured 2018 Soul, you can see that Kia truly have a considerable measure to stow away because they are truly wanting to acquaint new Soul with the market, with the soul of the one preceding. The new arrangement of head and taillights are additionally going to be made, new grille and even new entryways design are normal. Kia is organization famous by giving their clients. So, vastly different exterior shading alternatives and we realize this new 2018 Kia Soul will going to be offered with so many new ones too.


Interior design is one great riddle for every one of us because the cover on his exterior doesn`t permit us to see anything from within. New Kia Soul must have new seat design with better lumbar. And sides bolster and with alternatives for warming and cooling for some higher trim levels.

There aren`t any information`s about the capacities on the usefulness of this SUV which should be enhanced. So, we can hope to see more security elements included and more excitement alternatives. Also, making new 2018 Kia Soul culminate family auto. Instrument board is relied upon to be practically the same as before with better materials utilised simply because the past era had it catches more than efficient.

2018 Kia Soul - interior

2018 Kia Soul – Engine and Performance

Because of the many changes which are made to the exterior and interior design of new Kia Soul 2018 we don`t hope to see some radical ones in the engine. We hope to see new Soul touching base with indistinguishable engine units from some time recently. Those are two awesome and valuable engines. To start with, the essential decision will be a 1.6-liter unit which can convey 120 drive. And torque measure of around 118 lb/ft.

Next engine decision will be more grounded, 2.0-liter 4-chamber unit which can supply new Soul with 164 pull. And with 151 lb/ft of torque. Both of these engines will have a similar 6-speed manual or automatic transmission framework; it`s up to you to pick.

2018 Kia Soul - rear

2018 Kia Soul – Price and Release Date

Cost and release date for new 2018 Kia Soul are a puzzle too. We can assess that his beginning cost will go to be higher than before. We anticipate that it will begin from $17.000 while he can be released toward the start of summer 2017.

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