Lexus NX Review, Price

The new 2018 Lexus NX will be the ultimate crossover between beauty and aggression. After it’s unveiling at the Shanghai Motor Show, it seems like most of the changes will be external. Most aspects will stay the same as the previous NX series which took the auto market by storm upon its inception in 2014.

However, since it is a new release, a few tweaking here and there is expected under the hood. This new release will seek to uphold the success and reputation that the Lexus NX 2018 has carved out for itself. It already sits at the third spot in the automaker’s best-selling list of 2016. By the look of things, it is bound to climb a step or two higher to occupy the top spot.

2018 Lexus NX - front

2018 Lexus NX – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

The outside is where you will spot the biggest difference. If you are familiar with the NX series, you won’t notice much once you get behind the wheel. For one, you won’t miss the spindle grille. It still remains despite getting a few modifications. Not only is it made to look much sleeker but to also improve the aerodynamics.

The new projector headlights are nothing new as it is quite similar to the ones on the new LC Coupe. The previous NX had a bumper that was quite pointy at the bottom. In the 2018 Lexus NX, it has been pulled back a little bit. Two things that will definitely excite you are the thicker 18-inch wheels and the kick sensor for the rear hatch.

When it comes to the interior, the infotainment screen is a little bigger now. They swapped the 7 inches for 10.3. Its controls have also been given a satin touch with a metallic finish. There is a slight update to the suspension and safety system. The latter is an update that will now be part of all Lexus models.

2018 Lexus NX – Engine and Performance

The 2.0-liter inline engine remains the same though this new version is named NX 300 and not NX 200t like the previous one. It is a pair of four-cylinder with one hybrid and one turbo. It packs 253 hp. The hybrid 300h system is a 2.5-litre with electric motors. Despite its great engine power, it will be much quieter than its counterparts. The adjusted suspension and shock absorbers are to account for a smoother ride on a series that is already considered smooth. The stabiliser bars and springs have also received minor tuning to improve overall handling and stability.

2018 Lexus NX – Price and Release Date

In conclusion, the price and release date have not been disclosed yet. However, most people expect it to drop early enough so that they can get their hands on it. It is not that hard to tell what the price range will be. It is actually very simple. You can deduce it from the previous NX versions and add a couple thousand to it. That will give you a clear picture of where it is bound to lie. With this release, the 2018 Lexus NX will definitely take the NX series to the top of the best-selling list.

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