Lincoln Aviator Design, Price

The Lincoln Motor Company is going to release their latest modern mid-sized luxury SUV, the 2018 Lincoln Aviator. This highly anticipated release is the newest touch of luxury seen from the Ford Motor Company. The sleek new design promises unsurpassed comfort, modern technological touches, high horsepower, adjustable seats, and smooth shift between gears.

It will also have more legroom and boot. Space which is perfect for a family of five, while maintaining high horsepower for an SUV. This new SUV will weigh less than previous Aviator models while not compromising on functionality and Lincoln’s top of the class quality.

2018 Lincoln Aviator - front

2018 Lincoln Aviator – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

At first glance, the new Lincoln Aviator has a very impressive exterior. Using some aluminum and composite parts, the weight of the car is going to be reduced from previous models while the rigidity of it remains high. The vehicle will upgrade its signature grill to offer a newer, sleeker design. One of the latest features on the midsize luxury SUV are the LED lights, which will replace normal headlights in order to help facilitate night driving. To ensure that the SUV keeps up its polished look, the wheels on the front of the car will have a chrome trim. Additionally, the car has a ground clearance of 8.9 inches.


Going past the already impressive and modern exterior, the interior of the 2018 Lincoln Aviator is functional with sophisticated touches. The new model will have more leg-room, larger boot-space and luggage space. And it can fit up to five people, maintaining its family friendly image. The high-tech and modern central information system has navigation, Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity. There will be driver assistance systems in place as well, including new safety features.

2018 Lincoln Aviator – Engine and Performance

The new 2018 Lincoln Aviator promises engine improvements that are set to impress. It will feature a V8 engine with 4.6-litre capacity. Additionally, at 5470 rpm the horsepower will be 302. What’s most interesting is that according to the company, it will take less than 8 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph. This is certainly impressive for a mid-sized SUV. For those who like high-speeds and switching gears, this car will feature a 5-speed automatic transmission.

The all new 2018 Aviator certainly has impressive points and is set to do well in terms of performance. With the engine improvements and an interior decked out with modern technological touches, it could mark the comeback of the Lincoln Aviator models. Even though this model shed a few pounds off its weight, the center of gravity of this SUV is still very centralized. The ability to go from 0 to 60 in less than 8 seconds makes it an impressive SUV model. The additional leg-room, boot-space and luggage space will comfortably fit a family of five.

2018 Lincoln Aviator – Price and Release Date

The price of the Lincoln Aviator 2018 is expected to be $35,000 on the low end and $45,000 on the high end. The 2018 Lincoln Aviator is expected to be released at the latter end of 2018.

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