MINI Superleggera Concept, Features

With a fairly new design and updated clusters of interior features, 2018 MINI Superleggera will bring one’s attention to its appealing appearance. Fans can take it as guaranteed that its manufacturer will not disappoint at any point in time. MINI is a British automotive that is owned by BMW in 1994. This manufacturer is considered to be the specialist in small car production.

According to the experts’ reports, it has been accepted that BMW board has given a green light to the production of 2018 MINI Superleggera. It also is interesting to see how automaker would furnish the new model to hit the showroom in early 2018.

Several sources have reported, “The concept model of Superleggera has already stolen many hearts. It will be amazing to see such an eye-catchy, powerful and adventurous car on-road.”

2018 MINI Superleggera front

2018 MINI Superleggera – Features Design and Technology

The 2018 MINI Superleggera will really surprise all its fans with its executive design and style. It is still in concept, but it has captured many hearts. It is predicted that 2018 Superleggera will be positioned in the top of MINI’s car lineup.

Front grille will offer linear gaps with the incorporation of fog lights onto it. This provides the front grille look like a newly unrestricted expansion. Its front bumper will take a shape slight tilting outward towards the ground. One can also see two big circular front air intakes at its both ends. This will offer a reduction in the air friction along with that it will support in air cooling of the engine. Headlights will come in an oval shape with the incorporation of LED technological lamps.

Its hood will be presented a bit slanting down with two similar bumps that run along the hood. At its side, one can see a slight bump through the door that will give a sleeker appearance.

Looking towards its rear end, the taillights will get a unique look. This also takes the similar technical aspects. Although it is expected to have no rear bumper, one can see two exhaust outlets at it’s rear-ended. It will not be a surprise that MINI Superleggera 2018 original model will have some minor visual modifications.

2018 MINI Superleggera interior

2018 MINI Superleggera – Drivetrain Configuration

Different sources have reported that a 4-cylinder gasoline engine will power new Superleggera. It has also been predicted that this model will be built on the UKL platform. This means it will come with the standard front-wheel drive system. Well, its automaker will also offer the AWD system as an option to all its buyers.

Its engine specification still remains in the house of the manufacturer. This model expected to come with 2.0-liter turbo charged 4-cylinder engine. It will be capable of producing 189 hp of power. It is likely to come in the base model and ‘S’ model.

2018 MINI Superleggera rear

2018 MINI Superleggera – Release Date and Price

It is thus expected to have a major auto show in 2017 to evident such an outstanding car. The price of this model is still unclear. A new report has also suggested that 2018 MINI Superleggera will give the momentum in the market with a new rise in its production lineups.

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