Nissan Maxima Review, Release Date

The upcoming 2018 Nissan Maxima is a proof that Nissan has struck gold with its new concept design, which has become one the most recognized in the world of sedans. Each year, Nissan has been steadily introducing new innovations. Everything from the performance, luxury features and safety, has been improving, so as to leave a strong mark on the sedan market. The new 2018 Maxima will be no different. It will introduce the latest innovations and improvements, that will definitely make it worth the wait.

2018 Nissan Maxima - front

2018 Nissan Maxima – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

The new 2018 Nissan Maxima will be, like its predecessors, a 4-door sports sedan. However. when compared to the older variants, the new Maxima will have an even more aerodynamic look. Thanks to the new exterior features like quality trims, a larger trunk and a more spacious headroom. The new car will offer more convenience than ever. The front end of the car will be distinguished by a large V-shaped grille. The sides will be similar to the previous models, but with more style. The rear will feature twin chrome exhausts, big, sculpted tail lights and a chrome – lipped license plate.


The interior of the Nissan Maxima 2018 will also get a substantially overhaul, so as to keep up with the latest technologies. The standard interior features will include a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a panoramic dual-panel moonroof. The interior surfaces will be covered in Ascot leather, for added sense of elegance. For the driver’s convenience, the car will be equipped with a heated steering wheel and a memory seat.

Additional features that will help the driver include a Nissan intelligence key, and a driver-assist display. The rumours also indicate that the car’s infotainment system will include a NissanConnect suite. And be capable of streaming music online, as well as Hi – Fi and cordless charging. The passenger seats will be quite comfortable and roomy, with features like metal trimming, diamond-patterned stitching and phoney suede.

2018 Nissan Maxima - interior

2018 Nissan Maxima – Engine and Performance

The new Maxima will come equipped with only a single engine model, albeit a very good one. This engine is a 3.5-liter V6 powertrain capable of producing 300 hp at 6.400 rpm, and 261 lb-ft of torque at 4.400 rpm. Additionally, it comes connected to an Xtronic continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), for added power efficiency.

With these numbers and specs, it is expected that the 2018 Nissan Maxima will be capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds. With the help of the CVT, the fuel economy will be also enhanced, with 21 mpg in city conditions. And 30 mpg on highways. The driving quality and road handling will be improved, with the introduction of a new suspension system, along with a new integrated dynamic control module, and 19-inch alloy wheels.

2018 Nissan Maxima - rear

2018 Nissan Maxima – Price and Release Date

Although the exact release date of the upcoming 2018 Nissan Maxima is being kept in secret by Nissan. It is highly likely that it will hit the market in mid or late 2017. The price will depend on the variant, the standard is expected to be priced at 33.000$, while the enhanced variants will reach the price of more than 40.000$

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