Range Rover Sport Facelift, Release Date

Range Rover has been in the market for a long time and since then they haven’t dropped in the market list rank. This time, they come out with 2018 Range Rover Sport which is new to all the customers. This car is a huge SUV which looks bold and colored as well. This model has good system software which has been updated for the best performance. It has also been recently displayed in the Auto Sports Show in New York in 2016.

On a scale of 10, the New York Times magazine has rated it 8.5 which is quite good for an SUV to have. Range Rover has opened up around 13 developing centers all around the work to reach in a better way to its customers.

2018 Range Rover Sport front

2018 Range Rover Sport – Engine Specification and Fuel economy

Well, there are some interesting facts you can know about Range Rover Sport 2018. There are some new features which have been added in this car which makes it unique. Some of the new technologies have been discussed below:

  1. 2018 Range Rover Sport has a top speed of 134 mph and this can be achieved in around 5.2 seconds which is very good considering it to be an SUV.
  2. This SUV is also a sport’s car as it can reach an acceleration of 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.
  3. This engine which has been used in this car is the 5.0-litre auto directed engine. This is a four cylinder based engine which works in the previous concept.
  4. It can generate a total of 550 hp.
  5. Its mileage is measured around 25 mpg on the long highways, and 23 mpg in busy traffic.

2018 Range Rover Sport side

2018 Range Rover Sport – Facelift Interior and Exterior

If you look inside of the Range Rover Sport 2018, there is too much space. Old people can also go for a long journey as they will not have any problems regarding foot placing. It also has a large LED screen of 12.5 inches which can be directly accessed by a Bluetooth device.

There are also sound boxes of Dolby which produce good ambiance with sound. Its GPS signal can be used in order to track cars and find roads with the help of Google Maps or HERE maps.

The exterior look of 2018 Range Rover Sport is quite exclusive and looks amazing in broad daylight. All the designs have been customized by Range Rover starting from colors to the chassis design. The design of the chassis has been made up of an aluminum body along with carbon because the mixture of these makes the car’s body light. This increases speed and acceleration along with initial acceleration.

2018 Range Rover Sport interior

Rivals of 2018 Range Rover Sport

Range Rover will hover into competition with the following in this season,

  • Infiniti QX80
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Toyota Land Cruiser

2018 Range Rover Sport – Release Date and Price

The Range Rover Sport 2018 will be priced around $66,000 and will be based on the model they release. It will be available all over the world by December 2108 though it might be delayed to production issues.

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