Subaru 7 Passenger SUV Specs, Price

Japanese automobile tycoons, Subaru are well- known for their excellence in automobile manufacturing. They have, by far been making some of the best performance cars and SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles). Their long list includes some big names WRX, Forester, Outback and much more. One such name was Subaru Tribeca, which is now an outgoing member. Subaru Tribeca will be replaced by a new name, which goes by 2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV.

Coming with seating arrangements for as many as seven adults, Subaru 7 can be expected to be a major seller for the companies since this type of SUVs is in very high demands.

2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV front

Demand of Seven Seat SUVs:

The state of things currently in the automobile market is such that seven-seat SUVs have become a prime importance. While Europe enjoys Subaru’s Levorg Sport and Japan does well with Subaru Exiga SUV, it was a time that Subaru does something worthwhile in US markets. Thus, they have replaced Tribeca and brought in Subaru 7 passenger SUV.

Interestingly, this new entrant will start ahead of big guns like Outback, Crosstrek, and Forester and will be an interesting release.

Competition of 2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV

As mentioned earlier, a demand for this category of SUVs is quite high. It is expected that there will be quite a lot of options as rivals to 2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV. These rivals include names such as Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Highlander, Nissan Pathfinder, Kia Sorento and Mitsubishi Outlander. Now all of these SUVs are hard fought veterans in the SUV market and Subaru has a real tough job to accomplish with their new entrant, if they want to taste success, especially after the predecessor, Tribeca failed to make any significant mark.

2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV – Enhanced Dimensions and Better Looks

Subaru has obviously designed their latest 2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV with the formula of a better looking SUV for sale. Looks sell a car a lot and surely they need to work on it as Tribeca was a major failure. One thing that can be expected is, of course, the increased dimensions. Since this SUV is going to come with the seating capacity of seven adults, it must surely be large enough. The platform used is going to be a completely new one, with enough room for a third seat row.

It would be wise to expect new LED lighting technology supporting the headlamps as well. Bumpers on their part are going to have improved looks while the total weight is going to be reduced in order to enhance performance. Overall looks are going to be sporty.

2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV interior

2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV – Engine Specs

The 2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV is coming with a decently powerful engine to run. Under the hood, expect to see a 2.5-liter four cylinder unit which is quite highly rated. It is going to have a power capacity of 300 hp and torque amount of 290 lb.-ft. The turbocharger has been used to improve its performance.

Another engine option is also provided which will include a 2.6-liter V6. This one’s going to have 256 hp and 256 lb.-ft. of torque. Transmission details haven’t yet been furnished.

2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV – Price and Release Date

Well, prices have not been announced as of yet for new Subaru 7 Passenger SUV 2018 but approximately $21,500-$36,000 can be expected. Release dates are expected to be somewhere around late-2017 or early-2018. Stay tuned for latest updates.

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