Toyota Hilux Redesign, Price

The Toyota Hilux has carved a solid niche in the automobile industry as an all terrain and daring truck that will prevail against common road challenges. New designs have continued to take advantage of technology and add an elegant twist to crowns it viciousness. In essence, this is the kind of car that you can decide to go overboard in any hostile terrain but still enjoy the thrill. So what is it about the 2018 Toyota Hilux that makes it stand out against older designs?

2018 Toyota Hilux - front

2018 Toyota Hilux – Fresh New Design

This new monster shows that the Japanese carmaker has decided to go a notch higher in making it even more stylish. The front end is solid and compact but with smooth edges that can fool anyone of its hidden roughness. However, the bright illuminating lights on a hardy face give the front a perfect finish. The rear is a bit raised than the front giving it a robust, masculine and daring look. The rear accomplishes the utility function of the 2018 Hilux with its enormous space and a 3.5-tonne load capacity. The truck rides on chromed wider wheels for more stability.


The interior is nothing but stylish and ultra modern. It is spacious with an expressive and easily accessible dashboard. The double cabin option provides more cabin space as compared to a single cabin. The steering wheel is larger and retains the masculine look of most trucks in its class. The interior has also been made from tougher materials putting in mind the escapades the truck might endure. This does not mean the manufacturer forgot about entertainment and safety. The 2018 model has been fitted with firm safety belts and enough airbags. The infotainment is also up to date and conveniently positioned for ease of access.

2018 Toyota Hilux - interior

2018 Toyota Hilux – Power Transmission

The monster is expected to unleash a maximum of 200 hp coupled with an 180lb foot turning power. Variations might be expected depending on the number of versions the car-maker will bring to the market. The Toyota Hilux 2018 is famous for its powerful motors that give it an edge against competitors and the 2018 Toyota Hilux will be no exception. The new Toyota is expected to have a 3.0-litre engine with more power and transmission than the current model. When is comes to efficiency it will be more economical with it fuel consumption.

2018 Toyota Hilux  - side

2018 Toyota Hilux – Unveiling and Starting Price

The new 2018 Toyota Hilux from the Japanese car-maker is not expected in the market until late 2017. Although there is no official statement from the company in terms of pricing, calculated forecasting shows that it might range between $30,000 and $50,000. The range is due to the variations in designs that the carmaker is expected to release to the market. For instance, older designs have always had the option of either a double or a single cabin. Older designers also show variations in engine power and transmission. You will be expected to part with more cash if you want the best. The 2018 Toyota Hilux is expected to outperform its predecessors and perhaps peers judging from the expected features.

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