Toyota Supra Price, Specs

Long-awaited Toyota Supra is expected to be based on Future Toyota – Hybrid Sport (Toyota FT-HS). The 2018 Toyota Supra will eventually be bolted to several responses to become the Toyota FT-1 as its next successor. The design and style of the new Supra will keep everyone’s eye opened. People have already witnessed this next generation Supra concept at the 2014 North American International Auto Show.

2018 Toyota Supra front

2018 Toyota Supra – News

According to several sources, its automaker was thoughtful of bringing Supra back into the market. But this time, Supra will come with a new name. The manufacturer is willing to change the name of new Supra and has filed an application to United States Patent and Trademark Office. In 2015, also it had been confirmed to Toyota FT-1 as its successor model.

In addition, Toyota has also filed an application to European Union Intellectual Property Office in June 2016 for the same.

2018 Toyota Supra rear

2018 Toyota Supra – Expected Changes

Inspiration to bring changes in its predecessor, Toyota Supra 2018 also will get a major shift. It will be interesting to see how the manufacturer is going to reach the next level of success with this model. Unfortunately, one has to keep his/ her attention to market till Toyota reveals something about its rendering. According to different experts, it is predicted that:

  • Headlights will get significant changes to offer new generation style.
  • Front fascia will be completely modified.
  • It might be got a drop in its double bubble roof.
  • Extra space in the interior for the better accommodation of all it’s
  • Exhaust pipes will get a new diffuser that will be merged into its body on both sides at the rear end.
  • Fenders will get a different touch in shape and size to keep proper clearance from the tires.
  • One can see a conventional center stack with a revised dashboard incorporation.
  • User-friendly instrument clusters will improve one’s experience in this sports car.
  • Also, suspensions might be borrowed from FR-S or GT86 models.
  • The braking system might be handled by multi-piston discs.

It is evident from above facts that this new Supra also will have the potential to attract its viewers. With the incorporation of 2007 debuted Toyota FT-HS concept, it will offer a completely different profile.

2018 Toyota Supra interior

2018 Toyota Supra – Engine Specs

One of the mysterious parts is its engine. It is still unclear what type of engine would be equipped to power this vehicle. Rumors have told that a 4-cylinder turbocharged, V10 engine can be incorporated. In addition, it is also expected to get a V6 hybrid system that can produce up to 400 hp of power.

2018 Toyota Supra – Price and Competitors:

With the incorporation of advancement parts, new Supra will definitely get a hike in its price from the predecessor. One has to wait till the manufacturer reveals the actual price of 2018 Toyota Supra officially.

Also to various reports, it is clear that Toyota will hold its position in the automobile market. But it is expected to face an opponent from a different manufacturer. This might be the new Acura NSX against which 2018 Toyota Supra will fight.

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