Volvo S40 Review, Price

The 2018 Volvo S40 is being manufactured with the thought of comfort and space. It is mainly for small scale use. It has a new design that Volvo has been redesigning and using Volvo S40 2018 model Volvo will have a category in SUV similar to Audi or BMW. Volvo S40 can be recommended for a person who wants a small car with quality refinements, design, and style.

2018 Volvo S40 - front

2018 Volvo S40 – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

It will be designed with a vertical slat and a concave grill, which are mainly from the bigger version XC90. It will have a more SUV design copared to other models. Comes with a four door design, it seems Volvo is not seeking to manufacture two door design models. The design of the new S40 puts emphasis on the CMA concept, that is, the wheel size is to body proportion unlike cars with big SPA. It will also come with chamfered corners.


Volvo seeks to attract new young buyers with the new model 2018 S40. It is very sleek and the center pack has an ultra-slim design with a distinct look. They will incorporate faux wood and metal, and materials reminiscent to iMac which are transparent plus aluminum. The seats are made with very comfortable materials with the ergonomic design. The T-Tec material used on the seats will give comfort during hot weather and on rough roads. It is spacious for the leg space on the rear and the front part. The 2018 Volvo S40 cabin is built with a spacious storage capacity trunk. The rear seats can be folded to create more space too.

2018 Volvo S40 – Main Power Production Unit

The 2018 Volvo S40 will be fitted with a four gasoline cylinder and diesel offering, a new turbocharged three cylinder of 1.5-liters. The clutch will be a seven-speed dual clutch in transmission and a six-speed automatic is on. There is a probability of a manual transmission though this is not clear yet. It will also future a 9.7 KWh lithium-ion battery with a 55 KW/74 hp of the electric motor.

The 2018 Volvo S40 will have a 220 mile range target and it is planned to be a fully electric model. Volvo S40 2018 has a good output with a great fuel efficiency and the hybrid containing three bangers. There is a plug setup to help driving on electricity mainly when driving for short distances. The 2018 Volvo S4 will be combined by two engines, T5, and T8 trim. T5 is a twin engine plug in with a hybrid on the technology.

2018 Volvo S40 – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The Volvo S40 will be built in Ghent in Belgium. The introduction of new car will start in 2017 all the way to 2018. The market was very responsive to the Volvo S40 and the expectation of makig sales is high. It is a sure bet that the sedan will steal buyers from Volvo’s competitors.

The starting price is not yet clear but can start from $35000 or even more. Although Volvo has not released the prices officially. Fuel consumption is generally good. Its speed is 20 mph around town and 30 mph on the highway. There are slight changes with the new model s40 like the turbocharged engine.

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