VW Atlas Features, Design, Power

The 2018 VW Atlas which will be launching in the year 2018 will be of huge credit to Volkswagen. The company had come up with the SUV which will increase Its value in the market and in the people’s heart too. With the help of 2018 VW Atlas. The company will be tested one more time because of its recent Diesel gate scandal which decreased its value in the market. The company is totally dependent in its new SUV which can become the backbone of the company. N nowadays the craze of SUV is booming in the market so in order to achieve its specific position in the market Volkswagen is again ready for the new challenge. Atlas price will be competitive in the market as the company already hinted to the SUV riders.

2018 VW Atlas front

2018 VW Atlas – Design


The company has come up with the SUV with the help of MQB Architecture, it’s a platform for Audi and Volkswagen model to provide basis serving. The outer part of the SUV is to be like sporty. The Atlas has a height of 198.3 inches long and it has a vertical height of 69.9 inches and a width of 77.9 inches. Atlas will be the largest SUV in the US Market soon after its launch and the future of the company success story. Its is beautiful designed SUV after seeing the pictures and wordings. Its has largest wheels and tires in it with several heavy hitters of a segment. The whole data makes the SUV fully balanced. The new SUV will have LED taillights in it.


The 2018 VW Atlas is made in such a way that minimum seven people can be seated. The SUV is divided in three folding one for the driving seat and 60/40 splitting of the second row and a 50/50 splitting of last one. And the company has said it can be adjustable too. The company had followed all safety measures in the SUV such as child safety and all. The side window is protected with the sunshine so can enjoy the SUV. The SUV is embedded with 12 speakers and an upholstery roof system to the first two rows in the SUV. The new SUV has a special technology called digital cockpit in it.

The SUV is of segment hitter size and minimum 7 people can be easily seated able in the SUV. It comes up the additional adjustable seat feature.

2018 VW Atlas interior

2018 VW Atlas – Power:

A 2.0-litre engine generates 238 hp and an optional 3.6-liter V6 generates 280 hp. Its also have excellent AWD System which is 4 motion.

Additional Features:

The 2018 VW Atlas comes up with the protection of sunlight. Space makes the SUV feasible and the wait is soon over because 2018 is the year they had announced for the SUV launch. The new SUV comes up with the unique features the SUV is reliable.

2018 VW Atlas side

The Volkswagen will be tested soon as the date are officially announced last of 2018 and if they get success in that they will be the leader in business in the market for all the SUV lover it is the patience because this SUV has many features that any SUV doesn’t have. The date will be always remembered.

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