Audi A7 Review, Release Date

The 2019 Audi A7 is a German manufactured car that is very classy, modern and luxurious. The manufacturer of this car makes good and high quality cars that when set to roll in our markets, they are under high demand by people due to its quality and increased performance. The 2019 Audi A7 is no exception of this quality German cars.

2019 Audi A7 - front

2019 Audi A7 – Appearance of Exterior and Interior

The 2019 Audi A7 will be redesigned on its exterior looks to make it more attractive to the people. The classy and luxury car will have a prologue design. Its grille will extend on to its bumper and its air intakes can be seen on its sides and bottom. The car will come with modern and beautiful alloy wheels and shaper creases below the doors that will make it more attractive. the car will be more longer and it will. These will come a quad-exhaust tip, wider wheel arches, wider tyres with different alloy wheels. It will come with headlights that are upheld using the BROUGHT development. The car will be much more and longer substantial.


The Audi A7 2019 will be very classy and spacious enough to enhance comfort. The seats will be made of leather material that many love and adore. The steering wheel will have a leather rap around it to prevent sweating when driving. The car will come with a comprehensive dashboard that will have a touch screen control system that will run many commands. The automobile inside will come with a HD radio with 4 stereo audio speakers, Bluetooth, USB connectivity and virtual cockpit. Its interior will come with some protective features like: parking sensor, anti lock brake system, anti collision sensor, airbags, adjustable seat belts, review cameras, tire pressure checking among others.

2019 Audi A7 – Engine and Performance

The engine of the 2019 A7 will come with an improvement. The car will have an engine version of 2.1-liter in line with a 4 delivering 252 hp with 273 pounds feet of torque. The engine will be turbocharged. This new model will will come with a fuel cell equipped A7. The Audi A7 will have a turbocharged V6 engine. The car will come with a lot of technology that will assist the driver in many ways. One of the feature is self driving that will help the driver in parking in small spaces and driving in traffic at 37 mph speed. The car model will have a new phase the Audi MLB Evo platform.

2019 Audi A7 – Price and Expected Release Date

The exact date about the 2019 Audi A7 release is not know yet. However there are some speculation that the car might roll into the make in late 2017 or the beginning of 2018. The car being a high quality car, it come will come with a relatively high price due to its increased performance. the price might retail at about $68,000 to $70,000.

This is among the best cars in the world that many love and would go for. Its engine performance and quality features make the car to be admirable by many. As soon as the car roll in or market do not miss a chance of having it.

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