Dodge Barracuda Review, Price

The 2019 Dodge Barracuda will be an advanced version of the new mid-size rear drive vehicle from Dodge. Though still in production stage. This car has been hitting the headlines for a long time due to its projected advanced features.

While there’s little information on when the manufacturing process started, rumors are that it began soon after the launch of the 2017 version. Fans should expect to get more features from this vehicle. Plus there’s credible information that it will be available in two models of coupe and convertible.

2019 Dodge Barracuda - front

2019 Dodge Barracuda – Exterior and Interior Design

The car shall be all-new and there are also reports that the design will be based on the same design platform as the next generation Challenger. This simply means the Alfa-Romeo Giorgio platform that was also used on the stunning AR Giulia.

Even though this vehicle shall be slightly smaller than its predecessors in terms of body size. It won’t necessarily have less space within the cabin. Due to the new and improved cabin, it shall be capable of carrying up to 4 passengers in ultimate comfort.

Moreover, the front seats would be mounted slightly lower than those found in the current generation Challenger. Meaning the vehicle may feel more like a street-racer than ever before. This should also give the car more space in the trunk. So, that it can be usable for not just carrying people, but luggage as well.

2019 Dodge Barracuda – Engine and Performance

Based on credible sources, the 2019 Dodge Barracuda will have an engine capacity of 392 bhp. There are also reports that it will feature a small turbo or electric motor to provide ‘instant’ acceleration.

It’s safe to say that the 2019 Dodge Barracuda might not look anything like the outgoing model, but is more likely to feature turbo-charged power even on the basic trim levels. A 2.0-liter turbo-four with power capacity of up to 270 hp and 280 lb ft. of torque may be the base engine range for this vehicle.

There are also rumors that a more powerful model may be released following the launch of this car, possibly a hybrid model with capacity of up to 800 hp. This could be provided at a much later date in 2019 as an option for those who may still be interested in super-powerful muscle cars.

2019 Dodge Barracuda – Price and Release Date

Considering Dodge’s current plans in manufacturing. The new Dodge Barracuda 2019 isn’t expected to be seen before the official launch year. Nevertheless, there are reports that some parts have already been manufactured for preliminary testing, which is still underway.

Even so, two years is a relatively short period in the automotive sector and therefore there are expectations that there’s been a lot more happening behind the scenes presently.

Experts say that this is one of the biggest unknowns in the automotive sector, since currently there can only be speculations on how the 2019 Dodge Barracuda will look like. Moreover, while it’s possible to predict what technology may come up in the future. Until there’s firm understanding of what the vehicle will be there can’t be any assumptions on its overall pricing. Though it will still be affordable.

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