Ferrari California Review, Price

Faster, better, and stronger is what they are calling the new 2019 Ferrari California. Ferrari loves surprising their fans and having everyone in awe as the build a new creation. There is a new change in the way that the speed works for the Ferrari. It is still getting updated and the kinks worked out. Ferrari wanted to improve the overall appearance of the car, as well as an outcome. They did succeed. People love the way it looks.

2019 Ferrari California front

2019 Ferrari California – Exterior and Interior Design

The outside of the Ferrari is very beautiful and attractive. Real sleek looking and clean. There is going to still be some configuration to the body to make it more open and make it more aerodynamic. With characteristics as such. It is an externally charged car. Some of the things that will become updated in the upcoming years are the aluminum platform. Many people think that doing this will amp up the speed while reducing the weight of the convertible. This outer look of the Ferrari is a lot more competitive than the previous models focused on. The grille in the front is going to be very angular with side atmosphere intakes. This will help with cooling down the engine when it comes time to.

The cabin of the car is a lot friendlier they say. It is a whole new design. They wanted to make sure that there was a switch for everything in this new car. So many though might confuse someone who likes simplicity. It can even make the car less desirable. They also added a very good high-quality heating system never seen before. As well as air conditioning to the car too. You can put the hood down and enjoy the breeze as you drive. But when it is too hot outside you can flip the top back on and enjoy the breeze from the inside.

2019 Ferrari California interior

2019 Ferrari California – Engine Options

Now the engine is another whole story. It is going to be a 3.9-liter V-shaped six-cylinder Biturbo engine, which is not realized right away but with a capacity of 552 hp. And the reason the speed will be so fast is the acceleration from 60 mph is very impressive at 3.6 sec when the velocity gets to be about 196 mph. with a new kind of system, called the Getrag transmission, it can handle the most intense drive of the vehicle.


Now let us find out which car will be the closest to keeping up with this new fast-paced vehicle. What we can say is that the 2019 Ferrari California is being made to go up against the sports car Porsche 911. The speed of it is almost as fast and the outside look is pretty clean and sleek as well.

2019 Ferrari California rear

2019 Ferrari California – Release Date & Price

We all cannot wait for this new ride to come out in the beginning of 2019 at the cost of $210,000. A pretty hefty penny if you ask me.

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