Nissan 350Z Design, Price

Sturdy construction, top-notch atmospheric six-cylinder, rear-drive and gas-footed. No, you made a mistake. It’s not the Porsche, but the newest 2019 Nissan 350Z. It is easy to push from the offer the incoming successor with the Nissan 370Z. Nissan introduced the new sports car with the Z, which is complemented by a three-digit figure indicating the volume of the engine.

Better coworkers reacted immediately and reminded of old Nissan cars, only the figures grew significantly over the years. In fact, the Nissan 350Z is just a sequel of the story begun by the model Nissan 240Z from 1970, through the 260Z, 280Z and 300 ZX models. The Nissan 350Z is a real racing car, so you can see it with smaller, but also more refined racing tracks around the world.

2019 Nissan 350Z - front

2019 Nissan 350Z – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The 2019 Nissan 350Z is a car with a high recognition rating. At first glance, you cannot make a mistake. The main design detail of the front of the 2019 350Z is a large rectangular air inlet for the refrigerator, which occupies a large part of the relatively high bumper. Luminous groups, attractive designs, are also located relatively high for this automotive segment.

A look at the side of the car reveals to us the long cabin shifted to the rear and very short overhangs, which promises a lot of fun in the ride. The rear part is sporty rounded, characterized by sloped triangular light groups, a discreet spoiler on the luggage compartment cover and two exhaust pipe exhaust pipes.


Thanks to the super-shaped and large doors, the steering wheel is extremely simple. It takes only a few seconds to take the ideal seating position, followed by enjoying the atmosphere created by an unusual environment. There are only two places, but the space is very generous. No collision with elbows, wrinkled sitting or knees in the door. The seats are separated by a central “tunnel”, which is quite wide and tall, and the wide seats provide excellent side-holding.

The interior design is just as exciting as the exterior of the Nissan 350Z 2019. The materials are quality, the same can be said for finishing, and the ergonomics for a sports car is above average. Everything is “in place”, a large part of the cockpit is covered with instruments, and all the praise deserves also the instrument panel with the “turntable” in the central part.

2019 Nissan 350Z - interior

2019 Nissan 350Z – Modification under the Hood

When the Nissan 350Z arrived on the market, it was powered by a 3.5-liter engine with a maximum power of 287 hp. After a few minor evolutions, which include embellishment of the design, the maximum power of the aggregate has risen to as much as 313 hp at 6,800 rpm, as the new 2019 Nissan 350Z is developing.

The torque is relatively high for engines without a turbocharger, and it is 358 Nm at 4,800 rpm. As we have pointed out, a 3.498 cm3 engine is located above the front wheels. The V6 engine wakes up without any vibrations. The quiet sound, slightly rinsed at low revs, gets in effect already after 3,000 rpm.

2019 Nissan 350Z - side

2019 Nissan 350Z – Price and Expected Release Date

If there is still no official information on when this 2019 Nissan 350Z will be on the market. The price should not be $ 50,000.

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