Subaru Legacy Design, Price

The new 2019 Subaru Legacy coming soon. Without the diesel engines in the offer, Subaru was condemned to rare customers, it can be said to fans, loyal to the gasoline boxer aggregates and integral transmission. Now there’s Legacy with a two-liter diesel engine. Finally! After many years of existence, Subaru has a diesel engine! Not as one would have thought, borrowed or developed in cooperation with who knows a manufacturer, but personally his own. So, what have they waited so far, someone will ask?

Subaru Legacy Design, Price

The answer probably lies in the fact that the two main markets of Subaru, domestic Japan and the United States, where diesel is represented in an extremely small percentage, opposite the European, where in certain categories they account for up to 90% of sales. Unlike Impreza, which disappointed us with the quality of materials used, the new 2019 Subaru Legacy seemed to have come out of a factory of one of the renowned German manufacturers. Seriously designed and pedantically finished, this “Japanese” really does not have anything to call the competitors, no matter how many sound names they wear.

2019 Subaru Legacy – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The 2019 Subaru Legacy is still a very competitive car. Qualities such as excessive comfort and active safety are certainly not for underestimation. Who is looking for a vehicle of inconspicuous looks, this model is an unmistakable choice. The comfort of the 2019 Subaru Legacy, as well as the spaciousness, is at its highest.

Passengers will not be pushing rear knee backrests, regardless of their height. Thanks to its high wheelbase, crossbars are also an easy task for this Subaru Legacy 2019. As the only riot in the drive, we need to highlight the high wind noise at high speeds, as the car is higher than the predecessor, and the rear-view mirrors are also larger. Everything is made of quality materials, and with top finish.


Comfortable and well-designed front seats will be in the cabin of the new model. Two-tone plastic on the dashboard is soft and pleasant to touch, quality leather resembles a luxury lounge, while the floor coverings have a bar inch of thickness.

This model is seriously designed and pedantically completed. Even the driver’s position is without a single fault. It has an automatic air conditioning with two zone settings, an excellent radio CD player, satellite navigation, leather interior, heated front seats with electric adjustment and memory, a huge panoramic roof with practical opening in two parts, a keyless start system, Xenon headlights, all possible airbags, ESP, alloy wheels, etc.

The last “station” in the interior is the trunk. In comparison to the first generation, it has risen to respectable 486 liters, an increase of 53 liters. The width of the trunk is 87 centimeters, and the height is 50 centimeters.

2019 Subaru Legacy – Modification under the Hood

The first boxer turbocharged engine in the world, perhaps most suited to the new 2019 Legacy model. The 2.0-liter engine has once again exceeded our expectations. The maximum power of 110 hp and the maximum torque of 350 Nm represent the average values for today’s 2.0-liter turbodiesel, but its characteristics: sound, vibration and dynamic features, this engine belongs to the top of the category. The Legacy newsletter is a system for mounting engines in the auxiliary frame. Instead of fastening the motor directly to the chassis, Japanese engineers over four points, fastened the engine for the auxiliary frame. This solution significantly reduces vibration.

2019 Subaru Legacy – When Will Hit the Showroom?

There is no official information yet when the new model will be presented to the audience. The starting price of the model would not be higher than $ 23,000.

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