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The information that Ford Fusion won’t be redesigned in 2020, was a huge news. In a letter to its suppliers, Ford reportedly said it would be canceling the previously planned redesigned program for the Fusion. In that letter no one word on whether there would still be another redesign at a later date. We think that Ford will promote a new model of Fusion in 2021. The redesigned 2021 Ford Fusion, will wait a little bit competition and then get out on the market with couple advantages.

The main competition of 2021 Ford Fusion are Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

Fusion is Ford’s most popular sedan. The sales in 2014 and 2015 was 300,000 units, and drop down in 2016 on 266,000 units. So this cancelation of face lift model in 2020 is strategy move of the company.

2021 ford fusion

2021 Ford Fusion interior and equipment

Interesting expectation is that new Fusion will have much better standard equipment. That is main advantage if you compare this model with it’s competition. 2021 Fusion Titanium version will come with а glass roof, adaptive cruise control, satellite navigation, and 19-inch wheels as standard. 2021 Ford Fusion Sport the updated variant will be equipped with a navigation system, glass roof, parking sensors, ventilated seats, adaptive cruise control, rear inflatable seat belts, and more, which is much more equipment then in previous times. The 2021 Ford Fusion will have a new infotainment method and has including a smartphone integration with android mobile phone Vehicle and Apple CarPlay. Shoppers will also get new Ford Sync3 feature, double-sector intelligent environment control and premium safety features like adaptive cruise management, boosted safety straps and oxygen bags.

2021 ford fusion interior

Price range of new 2021 Ford Fusion

We think that the new 2021 Ford Fusion S will have a starting price of $22,900 including destination. The SE model should start at $24,000. If you go for the Fusion Titanium, it will set you back $35,000, while the range-topping Fusion Sport will start at $40,000. If you want an electrified Fusion, the Fusion Hybrid will be available with a base price of $28,000.

2021 ford-fusion on the road

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