By the end of 2020, Hyundai will have 8 SUVs in the Range

More than a year ago, the Korean carmaker announced a pretty ambitious plan to introduce 8 new SUVs by the end of 2020. Judging on the current situation, Hyundai will most likely realize this plan. So, let’s make a short retrospective of what has been done up to this day and what still needs to be done.

By the end of 2020, Hyundai will have 8 SUVs in the Range

This plan includes 8 new or redesigned crossovers by the end of 2020. Once the company realizes it, we will be able to say that the Korean manufacturer covers pretty much all segments of the automotive industry, when it comes to crossovers. The plan included new subcompact crossover, redesigned mid-size crossover, one large three-row model, and a completely new,super-small crossover that will compete in the segment that is in Europe known as the A-segment. Besides conventional models, the plan includes a new generation of fuel cell vehicle, a diesel and all-electric SUV.

Among models that already came, Kona is the first one.Although a very fresh model, it already established its position as one of the best subcompact crossovers in the segment. It offers very attractive styling and interior design, along with powerful turbo engine and great handling.

Next in the line is one very familiar name. Yes, we are talking about the new-generation Hyundai Santa Fe, which came just recently. It brings significant improvements in terms of styling, but also with a lot of new technologies and design solutions. Also, it comes in XL version with three rows of seating and longer wheelbase.

In the next year, a new full-size crossover will arrive. It will feature three rows of seating and capacity for eight passengers. Although many reports suggested a familiar Veracruz name, Hyundai official stated that the new model will come with a completely new name.

Rest of the planned models is still earlier stages of development. One of them is a new FCEV, which will come as a replacement for the Tucson FCEV. Unlike the current model, this one will be built on purpose,which promises much more interior space and overall practicality. A super-small A-segment crossover is another model that should come in the next year.

The next year should also bring a crossover that will be designed exclusively for the European market. It will come primarily with diesel engines under the hood and latest reports suggest it will be compact in size.

Finally, the last one to come will probably be an all-electric SUV, which will most likely come in 2020. At this point, we can’t say too many details about the new model. It will probably be compact in size and feature a range that should be long enough to compete with models like Chevy Bolt. These two models should be some of the toughest rivals in the segment.

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