Dodge Ram Rebel TRX Concept Price

Up until now, Ford was dominating the off-road vehicle market. However, Dodge made fans’ mouth water when they revealed the new Dodge Ram Rebel TRX concept at the 2016 State Fair of Texas. The new model comes with a powerful engine and a bunch of great features, including a terrain selector system. All this is a guarantee that TRX will take off-road driving to the next level.

Dodge Ram Rebel TRX Concept front

Dodge Ram Rebel TRX Concept – Exterior and Interior Design

The new Ram vehicle looks amazing. You can notice significant upgrades in comparison to its predecessors. Huge fender flares are installed around all four wheels, which gives the truck a wider stance. This is just enough space to fit the large 37 x 13.5-inch tires and allow them enough room to move up and down as the terrain changes.

The Dodge Ram Rebel TRX concept comes with exhaust pipes on the sides. They are incorporated into rock rails to make more space in the engine bay. A completely revamped hood provides room for the sweet V8 powertrain. The metallic red paint seems to be the perfect color for the TRX. The decal package that offers a dash of black nicely complements the color. Overall, TRX leaves a visual impression of a powerful race truck.

The feeling is no different when you enter the new TRX. The model can accommodate a total of four passengers, including the driver. Six-point harnesses are there to keep all of them steady during off-road maneuvering. The suede upholstery is also there to help this case by gripping the clothing. The floors offer a black rubber finish, and the TRX also comes with all-weather floor mats.

Another feature of this new off-road model is the UConnect Infotainment system. It offers an 8.4-inch touchscreen and an additional 7-inch display located between the gauges. The custom camera installed on the rearview mirror makes it easy to record all the action.

Dodge Ram Rebel TRX Concept – Engine Performance

A 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 engine is located under the hood of this off-road beast. The manufacturer made some calibrations to make the model more suitable for off-road driving. That means that the engine won’t deliver the 707 hp like Challenger and Charger. Instead, TRX will be able to muster 575 hp, which is still 100hp more than the new Ford Raptor. It is also more than enough to secure that the TRX Rebel can go over 100 mph off-road. Although there is no official data regarding torque level, it will probably be around 560 pound-feet.

The V8 powertrain is combined with the eight-speed automatic transmission. But the real beauty of the TRX is in its terrain selector feature, which offers the driver to choose from Normal, Off-road, Wet/Snow and Baja (desert) modes. Depending on the mode you pick, it will alter the aggressiveness of the ABS and change the way the ECU and traction system deliver power. The expected fuel consumption is around 29 mpg combined.

Dodge Ram Rebel TRX Concept – Price and Release Date

The new Dodge Ram Rebel TRX concept is still only an excellent idea, but hopefully, Dodge will soon start with the production. The fans reacted well to the concept. They are eager for a new model to show up and knock 2017 Ford Raptor off the throne. If the TRX goes into production, the release date will be towards the end of 2017. Based on the price of previous models and the competition, the cost of the TRX should be around $45,000.

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