Genesis SUV Hyundai, Release Date

Genesis Motors is the luxury division of Hyundai, the South Korean car manufacturing company. In 2004, Genesis was first envisioned by the plan of the new luxury sedan from Hyundai, as the Hyundai Genesis. On November 4, 2015, Genesis was officially announced to be a standalone brand. Recently, there have been reports of Genesis SUV arriving soon. It has been reported that both large and mid-size SUVs will be released by Genesis by 2020.

Genesis SUV side

News about SUV from Genesis

With its new luxury brand Genesis, it seems that Hyundai is clearly stating its intentions of giving some serious competition to even the best car manufacturers in the world. However, as a matter of fact, Hyundai is not the only brand to have taken such a step. In 1986, Honda became the first manufacturer to release models from their sub-brand Acura. It was followed by the launch of Lexus models by Toyota in 1989. Nissan also has its own Infiniti series.

Genesis SUV is being made to associate the brand with rapidly growing SUV segment. The brand’s first model is G90 sedan, which was based on Vision G concept. It is followed by G80 and G70 sedan models. The G70 shall compete against the likes of BMW 3-Series, Audi A4 models and Mercedes C-Class. Now, with their venture into SUV segment, it seems that Hyundai’s luxury brand is not just satisfied with sedan offerings.

Design of Genesis SUV

The brand took its first step towards luxury cars with the introduction of Hyundai Vision G Concept model. The Genesis luxury brand was formed following this idea. From the very first, it was made clear that new models for Genesis brand would be a coupe sedan; it has been reported that this concept will not be used for next generation Genesis Coupe models. It has been said that it will instead be used for future SUV models from Genesis.

So, you should expect Genesis SUV to share a lot of similarities with Vision G Concept. Of course, being a production model, it will certainly come with the necessary modifications. You can still expect it to possess all the best elements of the Vision G Concept, including its design, overall luxury, and attractiveness. All said and done, the SUV from Genesis will undoubtedly play a crucial role in establishing the brand in the luxury class.

There is hardly any news regarding the interior of this vehicle. However, being a luxury model, you can expect it to offer plenty of luxurious features. The luxurious cabin should be made of high-quality materials and leather seats.

Genesis SUV – Engine Specs

While nothing has officially been announced, SUV Genesis is rumored to feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain. For this powertrain, a 270 hp 3.5-liter engine will be mated with an electric motor. This combination generates 400 of output with a mileage of 30 mpg.

Genesis SUV – Price and Release Date

It is too early to speculate anything about the price and release date of this model. When it comes out, Genesis SUV will be competing against luxury models from top brands such as BMW.

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