Kia Rio 2018 Hatchback and Sedan

If you are looking for an extraordinary car within limited price it is obviously Kia Rio 2018. This is subcompact, extra spacious and travelers car. This car has been represented as the best feature model of 2016. And it is directly from the best manufacturer of automobiles. It comes out with a precision of over 14 production centers and 6 manufacturing centers present all over the world.

This time, this car comes out with more dynamics and has become much lighter. It has been chosen as the car of the year due to its fantastic combination of colored body and better dynamics. This car has been rated 4.5 stars for those who travel too much. Only for a few days, it has made a good commendable reputation of its own. It’s time to see some internal and external feature what this car has.

kia rio 2018 hatchback side


This time, Rio will compete with:

Kia Rio 2018 – Interior and Exterior Features

This model from Kia comes out with a hatchback and four-door designs. It will have facilities like Wifi, on board gear changer, Active Eco System, auto start wiper, more than 4 USB input with 3.0 powers backup and a more improved Infotainment System. The seating arrangement is little different from other subcompact cars.

There are headed seats which are present in the Kia Rio 2018 which is also said to improve head pain and neck pains. You also get the taste of latest Infotainment System which works on GPS and Wifi present inside the car. For entertainment purpose, you will two options, one is the 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker and another is the Bose speaker with a dual base facility. KIA has also focused on the protection issue by adding two-way powerful airbags in order to get away from the danger of accidents.

Well, Kia Rio 2018 is nominated as the best exterior feature car when it was put up for demonstration by the CEO of the company. It features some of the best LED lights ever possible. These look amazing when the light glow up in the dark and works on battery power. All the four tires are off 18.4 inches and are manufactured by MRF. It also has an added spoiler in the rooftop which gives it an awesome look. The colors used on this car are all metallic colors and are available in 3-4 types.

kia rio 2018 interior

Kia Rio 2018 – Engine and Fuel Economy

When you get the best exterior features from Kia, you also expect them to give the best available engine. Yes, it is true you will get a SkyActive engine with fuel economy close to 38 mpg. Its engine will have a maximum capacity of 1.6-liter and will have an extra add on of a smoke neutralizer. The 2018 Kia Rio can produce a maximum of 123 lb-ft of torque and a maximum of 180 hp. It will be powered by 6-speed manual transmission.

kia rio 2018 sedan front

Kia Rio 2018 – Price and Availability

Kia Rio 2018 will be available by December 2018 and will be priced above $15,000. So get ready to start your booking from now and get this car within your price limits.

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