Kia Telluride Concept Performance, Feature, Price

The Kia Telluride concept is a model car built by Kia motors. It was unveiled at the North American Auto Show in 2016. The car is based on a modified chassis of the production crossover made by Kia called Sorento. It’s Kia’s first full-size SUV since the 2009 Borrego which didn’t sell well. The Telluride is a plug-in hybrid car with a V6 gasoline engine and a powerful electric motor.

Kia Telluride Concept Performance, Feature, Price

Kia Telluride Concept – Unique Feature

The Kia Telluride concept has a mostly boxy design with some curves. It looks good and is consistent with the design language of Kia’s latest cars. On the front, there’s multiple LED headlights and an over-sized tiger nose grille. The rear has a clean look with only two long strips of red brake lights and two exhaust ports in the bumper. The body of the car is finished off with a dark paint job. The 22-inch rims and the chrome accents give the car, even more, presence. Being a concept model, the Kia Telluride concept has many flashy design features not found in production cars. For example, it has suicide doors which swing 90 degrees outwards to reveal the luxurious interior within.


The interior is luxurious with four captain’s seats covered in black leather in the first two rows. The interior looks big as there’s no pillar between the two rows. The seats in the second row have footrests which can be folded out. The seats also feature sensors, integrated within them, which track heart rate and other bodily functions. The results are displayed on the display embedded in the door panel next to the seat.

The car’s audio system consists of 7 speakers made by Harman/Kardon. There’s even a wireless pair of headphones for private listening. They can be docked in the center console to charge them. Passenger’s devices can also be charged by placing them on the wireless mat in the front. In a first from Kia, several components like the steering wheel, door panels, and dashboard are 3D printed.

To top it off, the cabin features mood lighting courtesy of a large, wing-shaped LED panel beneath the large sunroof. This system is called LER or Light Emitted Rejuvenation system. It monitors the measurements taken from the sensors in the seats to emit therapeutic lighting that treats jetlag and increases energy levels of passengers.

Kia Telluride Concept – Powerful Engine and Performance

Its hybrid PHEV powertrain delivers 400 hp. A 270 hp of that is delivered by the 3.5-liter V6 engine and the other 130 hp comes from the electric motor. The engine has direct fuel injection and is transversely mounted at the rear of the car. Considering its power, it’s milage on the highway of 30 mpg is quite respectable. The all wheel drive system routes the car’s power to each of the four wheels. Unfortunately, Kia hasn’t released other performance specs like the car’s top speed and torque. As the Telluride is only a concept, these numbers may never be unveiled.

Kia Telluride Concept – Price

The Telluride is a one-off concept made to create buzz and excitement for any SUV that Kia decides to make in the future. As such, it won’t be mass produced and available for sale. However, Kia is known to make cars very similar to their concepts. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect them to announce a new car based on the Telluride in the near future.

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