Range Rover Evoque 2018 Price, Specs, Release Date

Are you looking for luxury, speed or space? You will be getting all these from the new Range Rover Evoque 2018. Despite the Evoque brand from Land Rover remaining majorly unchanged for years, the 2018 version is promising more space with the wider base that is being crafted. The design being borrowed from Britain if one that will favor better engine performance, higher speeds and comfort.

Range Rover Evoque 2018 Price, Specs, Release Date

Range Rover Evoque 2018 – Unique Feature:

The exterior has not been changed much as would have been anticipated with the wheel size remaining relatively the same. It is expected that the colors will remain the traditional black, white and grays as usual. So far no visuals of the Range Rover Evoque that explain what colors it will come in. Black and white have been a favorite in the market thus are expected to be definitely there. There will be a five-door version a three door version and a two door version meaning that the Evoque is becoming sportier.

The interiors are expected to be high-quality leather, being that leather is the signature luxury material. To keep its clientele, new 2018 Range Rover Evoque will have to join its predecessors with nicely done leather interiors that only spell luxury and class. Space will be unlimited with a probable maximum capacity of 5 depending on which version you purchase. The steering will be definitely power steering to enable easy handling and easy maneuvering. The dashboard with has a touchscreen control system that will be used in navigation and house safety systems such as the emergency braking system and the lane adherence aid system. The seats will definitely be adjustable with cup holders and screens to just to maintain what has been done before on the predecessors.

Range Rover Evoque 2018 – Engine Specs

The beast’s engine will have a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine with 240 hp. The top speed for this engine is 130 mph. There could also be an option for a diesel engine that has almost the same specifications. If this does not give you a thrill then nothing else will. We expect six level gears that are automatic. 4WD will be a must have as lack of it will water down the product. It will be an all-terrain model with a switch to change to one’s preferred a mode of the drive depending on the terrain they are on. It promises style and comfort even in the roughest of terrains.

Range Rover Evoque 2018 – Price Range and Release Date

The price of the Range Rover Evoque 2018 will be between $43,000 and $64,000 depending on which version you like most. We do not expect any rise in taxes but considering the improvements that Land Rover has done to this model that will be the range of prices to expect.

Range Rover Evoque 2018 will debut in late 2017 as predictions show. It is not known the exact date that this will happen but the day is eagerly being awaited by many and Land Rover will definitely announce it as it draws closer. Meanwhile, enjoy the wait and the earlier models but do not forget that; Range Rover Evoque is definitely a game changer and one to look out for.

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